Perfect Bell-Shaped Jeans For Selecting The 5 Rules


Bell-shaped jeans and Retro fashion jeans trapeze cuts that marked the seventies are still a favorite piece in the wardrobes of many ladies. All the advantages of the model that emphasizes femininity and that easily combines the relaxed and business opportunities have shown ladies with style Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham. The manner in which they combined favorite model served us agrees that a small school for wearing unmistakably Bell-Shaped Jeans.

Bell-Shaped Jeans in 5 Rules By Celebrity

Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba are big fans of jeans trapeze cut
Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba are big fans of jeans trapeze cut

Most women can not imagine a wardrobe without a good pair of jeans, a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn from morning to night which is one of the reasons we have for several models.

One of my favorite cuts that marked the seventies designers are back in a big way and it’s about bell-bottoms & How to successfully combine proven in their daily editions of Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham.

Bell-shaped jeans primary for flawless selection and Bell-Shaped Jeans successfully combine these ladies have shown through their own examples golden rules easily we can all follow.

5 Rules For the Purchase Of Bell-Shaped Jeans and Bell-Bottoms

First Cut leg: From the waist to the knees jeans trapeze cut should be tight or at least strictly follow form feet. Narrow upper part of this model, which emphasizes the hips, is ideal for combining with a narrow top and a short jacket or blazer.

Trapeze jeans and stilettos are the perfect combination of day and night, but to make these two pieces function should take into account the length of the leg.

2nd Color jeans: It plays an important role in highlighting the figure. The dark blue jeans will look thinner and washed their models lighter parts emphasize the leg. If you have strong thighs should avoid very faded models.

3rd Height waist: For trapeze jeans should definitely avoid too low waist, unless you perfect material because it lengthens the torso and legs shortened. Models high waist is the ideal solution because they look feminine, elongate your figure and cover minor imperfections such as ‘life jackets’ waist.

Bell-Shaped Jeans

4th The length of leg: Bell-bottoms fit perfectly with platforms or heels but to these two pieces function should take into account the length of the legs. It must be long enough to cover almost the entire heel. In this way you will achieve an elongated figure.

5th Daytime and evening look: For the evening bell bottoms combine with jacket and glittery cannon or fitted shirts. If trapeze even wear jeans in a relaxed living opportunity to wear them with a simple shirt, top or wide, colorful tunic. They will in this case carry the entire combination and give you a special look at the style of the seventies.

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