5 Steps To Get Perfect Eyebrows


Get Perfect Eyebrows Every eyebrow tidy, neatly 70% decided to beauty your face. Take care of your little eyebrows with 5 steps.

Prepare Tools

Eyebrows Prepare Tools

You need an elaborate tree eyebrow mascara, brush a brush, a pair of tweezers, a professional eyebrow scissors and an eyebrow pencil tree.

Get Perfect Eyebrows Shaping

Eyebrows Shaping

Determining the exact beginning and end of your eyebrows can be confident about your eyebrows then. Use Brow pencil tree, straight up to grab the top of the nose and eyebrows cross up two points to grab the eyes nose and eyebrows end. Mark these two points and prepare the next stage.

Get Perfect Eyebrows Shape

Eyebrows Shape

After determining the starting and ending points of the eyebrows, use scissors trimmed eyebrows outside of the frame just defined. Then, using tweezers “clean up” the eyebrow area grows outward frame difference.

Get Perfect Eyebrows Highlight

Eyebrows Highlight

Use bold liner along the brow frames available. You should choose the color of lead close to the hair color to look more harmonious face.

Eyebrow Liner

Eyebrow Liner

Use mascara trees and brush thinned eyebrows turn to scattering layers are eyebrow pencil and a more natural look.

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