Cradle Hair Trends inner hair now no stranger to the girls but not everyone knows, the market currently no 5 Technical cradle hair choose Many girls.

Cradle Hair Model 1 is a double cradle Graphite not sticky like other kinds of connections. The downside of this type is easily broken hair with the hair nails and daughter-in-law because it is made more.

Cradle Hair Model 2 is where the sugary glue. Really sugary finish, Thumbnail glue, easily broken hair micro braids long time too plus glue to cause hurt real hair now emerging. Disadvantage is that to hurt you remove the hair and hair loss often of colloidal oxidized.

Cradle Hair Model 3 is where sap: spread 1 file hair small car real hair and it comes together but durability of this model is not long and not be exposed to heat. Hair to been positive and very difficult to remove the hair, easy to become confused when swimming.

Cradle Hair Model 4 is the cradle of her enthusiastic, more modern where the sap is more 1 Mr. External thermal protection but this model can not be exposed to heat and also very difficult when you remove the hair.

Cradle Hair Model 5 is the cradle of fiberglass fibers also known as the cradle only chun. This technique appeared in Vietnam in 2012 and was selected lot girlfriend saved by the exquisite lightness but everywhere. Fiberglass fiber imported directly from Singapore as small as a human hair is very difficult to identify and have fine heat resistance. This model does not use chemicals not afraid to break the hair or cut your hair as normal but the species, it is easy for removing the hair only takes 5 minutes.

Currently on the market for hair now has a salon chains are going in areas where the hair fiber fiberglass – Botanical West was named bosses say your hair today with the most modern techniques with staff professional staff has abundant hair dryer and there are about 200 to 300 to select the tribes. Salon there is a dedicated service with the customer is king criteria, prestigious wines.

Here are the Hair Color That Salon Have Made.

Cradle Hair For Model Cradle Hair For Model Cradle Hair For Model Cradle Hair For Model Cradle Hair For Model

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