5 Yeast Beauty Secrets For Skin Care, Flat Stomach, Hair Loss, Brittle Nails


Best 5 ways of Yeast beauty secrets below with heading like skincare and hair loss, Flat stomach, Brittle nails. Present in the bread and wine, yeast also has its place in your bathroom! Shiny hair and healthy skin discover all their uses and beauty.

Yeast Beauty

1. Yeast its Benefits

This small fungus that occurs naturally in the air on the skin of some fruits and words contains not less than 16 amino acids, 14 minerals, and 17 vitamins.

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For its cosmetic benefits, used in three ways capsules (you can get the powder), tablets (crush), and finally in the form of yeast.

Beauty, we mainly use yeast or active living, found in the bakery or in the fresh produce in supermarkets. sold in small cubes. Attention, it keeps for a few days!

2. Yeast with a Flat Stomach!

Do you feel your belly as a balloon inflated? This is probably because your intestines are a bit lazy! To improve your digestion, yeast alive, and rich in probiotics is your ally because it will stimulate the intestinal flora.

Doing so regularly cures yeast alive and avoids fried foods, sauce, or being too salty. For a week of anti-belly full menus read our article!

3. For Beautiful Skin!

Against oily skin: Yeast is useful for purifying virtues and equilibration for a purifying mask, dilute the contents of one packet of yeast in a little warm water to make a smooth paste.

Let stand 30 minutes before applying a thick layer to the face. Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Against Dry Skin: Mix 1 sachet of yeast with a little warm water and let stand 30 minutes. In another bowl, beat with a fork egg yolk and 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil.

Combine the two mixtures and apply them to the face. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water “would recommend the author of” The yeast is evil. “

Yeast for the skin

She leaves if you leave her and is now more often in creams: yeast for the skin…

Yeast is a tiny mushroom, smaller than a grain of sand that likes to multiply quickly. This is noticeable when baking bread, for example, when the dough in the baking bowl overflows.

No wonder yeast cultures are also popular in cosmetics research to make moisture binders or skin calmers in the laboratory. Meanwhile, the chemists still know that especially the so-called beer or baker’s yeast not only ideal as a nutrient solution but itself a great ingredient for the skin is.

Oxygen Boost

In laboratory experiments with cell cultures, yeast was able to increase the supply of oxygen to the individual skin cells. It diminishes when one sleeps too little.

You can see both of these on the skin: it looks gray and pale. Yeast now manages to give tired skin cells a proper oxygen boost. As a result, new cells grow in the epidermis, the skin looks rosier and smoother.

Radical scavengers

Free radicals, aggressive molecules, attack cell walls and cell nuclei. Yeast, therefore, produces highly effective scavengers to protect itself from spoiling. These catchers can also successfully fend off attacks on the skin. For example, when long-wave UVA rays strike the skin and free radicals multiply billions of times.

This happens quite often, because UVA always radiates from the sky, no matter if summer or winter, in the south (almost) as strong as in the north. Without support, skin lipids (fats) and connective tissue would be destroyed and the skin could age faster. To make sure that does not happen, cosmetic chemists solve the radical scavengers from the cultures and put them in protective creams.

Better protection

Injecting the yeast extract with enzymes, stimulates the skin’s own fat production and thereby strengthens its protective layer (the barrier). It is made up of fat and regenerating cells to protect the skin from germs and moisture. Good for attacked skin, which suffers from cold and heating air in winter and can quickly become brittle and rough.

Smoother skin

Yeast messengers also send out signals to deeper layers of the skin: they encourage the connective tissue cells to form more supporting fibers (collagen) to bolster wrinkles. And they ensure that more so-called anchor molecules are formed, which connect the connective tissue like a hook-and-loop fastener with the uppermost skin layer.

As a result, the exchange between the two layers works better, there are more nutrients at the top of the skin. She is better blooded and looks plumper.

immune defense

At the moment, cosmetics researchers are very interested in the cell walls of yeast: they actually produce sugar compounds (beta-glucans) that have it all.

They activate the immune cells in the skin (the Langerhans cells) so that they can better catch allergy triggers. And the commodity company Dragoco is already working on further development. She has discovered that even more effective beta-glucans are found in oats – which will soon be found in many creams for sensitive skin.


Biotherm Densité Lift (anti-aging serum and cream)

Chanel Précision Ultra Correction (anti-aging care for normal or dry skin, night cream with anti-aging massage instructions ) Clarins Sérum Tenseur Raffermissant (Anti-aging serum ) Estée Lauder Light Source Transforming Moisturizing cream SPF 15 (daily care for normal or combination skin) and Advanced Night Repair (eye care for dark shadows) Helena Rubinstein Collagenist (serum or cream) Juvena Moist on!

(Moisture Mask ) Lancome Réenergie Lift (Anti-aging serum and eye care) Marbert Pro Futura 2000 (anti-aging night cream) Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Hydroscience Masque (moisturizing mask ) Nuxe Phytochoc (anti-aging fluid and cream for skin 25+ ) Sothys Lift Defense (anti-aging Serum) Versace Repairing Eye Zone Treatment Anti-aging care range from Transvital (with beta-glucans, only in Switzerland)

4. Against Acne

A scientific committee has approved its use in the treatment of chronic forms of acne for its purifying properties and antibacterial.

To use the author of “The yeast is evil” advises “doing regularly cures yeast alive.

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And above all be patient at the beginning of treatment, new buttons may appear. This is normal: it is a sign that your body needs to eliminate toxins.

Why Korean Women Tighten Their Complexion With Yeast

yeast is naturally rich in beauty ingredients such as valuable proteins, B vitamins, trace elements as well as zinc, iron, and calcium. In Asian beauty care, yeast has long been one of the basics in skincare.

Yeast As A Nutrient Booster

Lack of sleep, hectic pace, and a one-sided diet make the complexion appear gray and pale. The reason: The body switches to stress mode and tries to compensate for the lack of vital nutrients and moisture through savings.

Yeast-enriched treatments provide the skin cells with more oxygen stimulate circulation and stimulate cell division and cell renewal. The skin regenerates and looks younger.

This Is How Yeast Smoothes The Skin

The action radius of the yeast bacteria not only works on the skin surface.

If a treatment contains the highly concentrated essence of a natural yeast extract, it has a significantly improving effect on the skin structure and creates a perfect balance of moisture and nutrients.

Yeast Refines The Pores

In tonics, fluids, and masks, they effectively rid the pores of dirt, sebum, and makeup remnants, allowing the other anti-pimple ingredients to better penetrate and work the skin.

5. Yeast Against Hair Loss

Hair, you lose a little every day but under the stress, fatigue, or change of season, the loss of hair is growing!

Sometimes it is also the result of a deficiency. So to find beautiful hair and reduce hair loss, we need vitamin B8 (vitamin H). Luckily, yeast contains!

It is thus believed to make a cure for 2 months. Do not hesitate to renew several times a year, it does not hurt!

In general, remember that yeast is also on the vitality and shine of hair.

The yeast is smart! Gives you her recipe: pour the contents of half a sachet of yeast into a small bowl, and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of warm water.

Leave on for 30 minutes and stir. Wet your hair, apply this mixture to the roots and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. Leave on for 30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

6. Yeast to Treat Brittle Nails

For beautiful nails in great need of vitamin B and minerals such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium… And this is what can bring the yeast! To do this, regular cures yeast or sprinkle your dishes with yeast flakes.

Why Yeast Is A Beauty Ingredient

Korean beauty treatments have been turning our beauty world upside down for quite some time now – and that’s a good thing because the beautiful Asian women know exactly what is important for a flawless complexion.

Yeast is a macrophage that can multiply rapidly – we all know about baking;). But yeast not only provides extra fluffy bread but is also a great beauty ingredient for the cosmetics industry, full of proteins, B vitamins, and trace elements like zinc, calcium, and iron. Yeast has long been one of the basics in Asian skincare.

Shining Text

A fresh, rosy complexion is one of the most important beauty features. Lack of sleep and stress, but also an insufficient oxygen supply lead to a pale appearance. Yeast is able to oxygenate skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and thus stimulate cell division, resulting in the renewal of skin cells. The skin is regenerated and looks young and fresh.

Smooth Skin

In addition to a radiant complexion, even smooth skin is in great demand. In addition, yeast bacteria also influence the formation of so-called anchor molecules, which connect the connective tissue with the uppermost skin layer. The two layers can work together more effectively, which makes the skin better blood circulation and plumper.

Pure Skin

Last but not least, pure skin is the name of the game.

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