5 Tips for a Nail Varnish Application Tips and Tricks


Nail Varnish Application tips and tricks when applying the varnish, usually it is peeling in 2 times 3 movements. So how do to prolong the life of the varnish on her nails? Agathe Pons expert Essie manicure Pro (our favorite brand of nail polish) reveals her tips and tricks for a polish that really holds up well!

Its summer and for many, soon the beach to stay perfect through and through, Agathe Pons, spokesman and expert nail brand Essie Pro gives us her tips for nail polish holding. But who really cares. Application tips and tricks unsuspected, these are the 5 commandments it will comply with the letter to extend the life of its varnish.

Nail Varnish Application Tips and Tricks

Nail Varnish Application tips and tricks In 5 Step

Step 1 / Clean Hands You Get.

“One thinks wash their hands immediately before the nail polish and nail surface is cleaned with a cotton and a little alcohol to allow the base to adhere well to the nail without fat residue which could have been deposited after applying the hand cream for example. ”

Step 2 / From the base appliqué as you.

“It is important not to overlook the implementation of the base that will allow a more uniform application of varnish, protect the nail varnish pigments (yellowing), but also improve its performance over time.”

Step 3 / A method of careful application you effect eras.

“We can not say it enough:

Apply thin layers VERY, I emphasize the “very” because it is the key to a manicure successful.
Do not take fright if the first layer of color is irregular it is quite normal, it will dry quickly serve as underpayment and perfect results with the application of the 2nd.
For this she must not hesitate to dilute its varnish with special drops (like E Fluid Essie pro for example) to the varnish retains its original texture, even at half bottle.
And most importantly, avoids to the solvent in the bottle, it alters its composition!

It is also necessary to “border” of each varnish layer on the outside of the nail.

Border is applying its base on the entire nail 3 in horizontal movements and a fourth vertical along the edge free of the nail.

This will create a “small” in thickness and protect the nail polish shocks.”

Step 4 / Patience montreras you.

“Council which might seem useless but which seems to me ESSENTIAL: Respect the drying time between layers, even for the base!

We check that the previous coat is dry before applying another, otherwise risk of waiting forever for our varnish is finally dry and risking it to snags.”

Step 5 / In the top coat you investiras.

“Today, there are top-coat” between two manicures “that apply varnish on her every 2 days in thin layers.

The aim of the top-coat between two manicures?

Reviving the color, brightness and improve the resistance.
In addition, its texture is much finer than a top coat drying accelerator for example, the drying time will be faster! ”

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