How to choose hair color become the queen of the colonial home following the mantras of our expert Jean Marc Joubert hairdresser and colorist. Choice of kit application care and good gestures he tells you everything to get the color you crave.

Choosing the Staining Kit

How to Choose Hair Color Box?

To choose their kit it must clearly identify its most basic it is very important. In radius, you help the hair color chart available. To avoid unpleasant surprises choose between 1 or 2 maximum tone below or above your baseline. Staining does not clear you will bring value to glare and brightness by choosing one or two shades lighter than your natural shade.

how to choose hair color brightness by choosing one or two shades lighter than your natural hair Color shade

The Type of Color to Adopt

Is it Better to Opt for a Color Permanent or Temporary?

It depends on our desires and seasons. In winter we often want permanent color, Women trying to cover and strengthen pigments. In the summer we will play on colors infused more diluted. We can make colors more regularly. You have to play with the dosage of emulsion revealing. More it is diluted more glare and brightness will be intense.
The trick to know always put at least double emulsion revealing in dosage. For a tube of color cream over add in the bottle twice the emulsion is 120 ml and shake well together.

How to Choose Hair Color And Rework Kits?

What About Retouching Kits Roots?

This can be useful for clients who have a lot of white hair. The color should remain a stain gloss and care. I do not like the idea of “color coverage.” I find it is just as simple and economical to staining quality throughout the hair. The result will always be more harmonious.

The Maintenance of Color

What to Do Before and After Care for a Nice Color House?

Needless to shampoo the day before. After coloring I recommend using a shampoo specific to close the hair scales and gently remove particles that dull hair color. In an interview between two colors opt for masks repairers.

How to Choose Hair Color Products: color mask repair Jean Marc Colorist, 5.90 euros per 250 ml pot.
This mask pink raspberry texture cocoon can repair in a minute chromo colored hair dry, brittle and damaged by repeated coloring. Ultra nourishing and enriched with protective agents its formula containing extracts of sunflower oil and Almond Foam for Pres restores vigor and shine to the hair and prolongs color.

The Right Things To Know

What are The Right Steps for a Successful Colonial Home?

It is especially clearly identify its natural basis and do not hesitate to evenly distribute the color throughout using a comb for example. This tool is essential in order to separate the hair so generous. If you do not have a comb you can use the spout tube but keep in mind that we must draw fine lines and apply the product then the root lengths.

Follow the pause and finish rinsing (and your shampoos) with a final jet of cold water to tighten your scales and obtain maximum brightness.

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