5 Tips For How To Apply Red Lips Makeup And All For Luscious Lips!


Red Lips MakeupThe red lips makeup is trendy and glamorous. But also more difficult to implement than a gloss! Here are five tips for a successful mouth femme fatale…

How to Apply Red Lips Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

1. Hydration and Exfoliation

Before you even think about applying red lips makeup we must learn to take care of lipstick on chapped lips no question!
So remember to moisturize your lips all day. Use it for a lip balm or just a cream for dry skin.
If despite the hydration you have too much dead skin on the lips you can occasionally apply a special scrub. But a daily moisturizing enough as a rule to have beautiful lips.

2. A Lip Pencil

Red lips makeup is a bit like going back to kindergarten Apply basic rules of coloring.
So use a lip pencil to draw the outline of your lips. Then simply color the inside with your red.
Be careful to choose a pencil the same shade as your lipstick and always cut. Once the pen applied blend it slightly the tip of the finger so that it is based more easily with the rest of the make-up

3. The Brush

Instead of applying the lipstick directly on the lips use a brush.
Why? Easier to handle more accurate it will help you color your lips.

4. A Handkerchief

Always have a tissue or cotton hand. Once your red lips makeup done, gently kiss the handkerchief, A simple gesture but essential to remove excess red … and avoid leaving traces of makeup on the cheeks of people you will get to kiss!

5. The Gloss

Matter of preference some prefer very dull red others like a little shine. If you are in the second category apply a touch of gloss in the middle of the lower lip.

Fuller lips plumper, brighter, it is possible! Discover how to proceed and the range needed to show a more glamorous mouth without resorting to Botox or plastic surgery.

5 Tips For Mouth Star

Beef Up Your Lips!

To muscle our butts we do specific exercises. It is the same for our lips! Every day say thirty times on the letter “O” (as if you were a kiss). Then say fifteen times articulating well the following sentence ” Agen prunes, it makes you beautiful”.

Intensely Moisturize

Always have a balm for the lips. Remember to moisturize several times a day to avoid dehydration.

Avoid the “Eat” …

When you are concentrated similarly stop moving your tongue over your lips saliva irritates and dries out.

Remove Dead Skin

Exfoliate your lips once a week. When you make a facial scrub enjoy hazelnut products on your lips and rub with the greatest kindness. Or go gently with a toothbrush with soft bristles on your lips.

Use a Pencil to Redraw Their Boundaries

Choose a shade close to your natural skin tone and “catch up” small irregularities.

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