5 Tips To Keep Makeup All Day


5 Tips To Keep Makeup All DayNothing worse than a drooling mascara or a foundation that disappears just after dinner. Redness redo surfaces shadows and reappear Smokey eyes becomes ancient history all this after spending hours preparing. So I will share my 5 tricks to keep makeup all day or all night if you go out.

1) Prepare your skin

It begins with the cleansing of the day (do not forget!) And then applying your day cream. Let stand a few minutes until the product has been completely absorbed and your skin is finally ready to be made up.

2) Use a base

You will find a variety of pharmacy and your new bottle will become your best friend. You can buy a different base for your eyelids if you want to maximize the holding shadows volatile.

3) Secure!

After applying a foundation cream just use a loose powder to set the color well. The same rule applies for cream eye shadows.

4) Do not forget the lips

Apply foundation on your lips and then use a pencil to trace the outline. Do not hesitate to use a brush to apply your lipstick with more precision.

5) A pshiiit thermal water

Because these bottles so useful in summer to cool also provide a makeup that stays in place all day. This is the makeup that I hard Kate shared this little trick and since I spread the good news!

One last tip? Products “waterproof” are also good options to keep makeup an outfit foolproof! Just have a suitable cleanser.

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