5 Trends You should “invest” for Fall / Winter


Clear direction from now on will help you make the right choice for the upcoming fashion season.
While half of the hemisphere is enjoying the sunny day, great cool breeze of spring, the other half are starting to step on fallen leaves of autumn days. Fashion is always a continuous motion, so nothing is too early for you to start to learn and update yourself with the new trend, because, if trot love fashion, surely everyone wants to own a pioneer for the beautiful, new, right?

Here are five trends will surely stir street fashion in the fall of 2013, so please consider and “investment” for your closet!

1. Square Grid Patterns

Surf through the prestigious Fashion Week has just ended a few days ago, you will easily see that the square grid fabric (Plaid) with the designs and colors are fancy variations are actually created a new craze in the international fashion world. Many people often square grid pattern concept bring rigid and there is something quite powerful, but this thinking is now outdated. Apparel square grid gives the wearer a very elegant classic. Them suitable for all ages as well as gender, so there’s no reason for these square grid Plaid does not top the list of trends should not be ignored.


2. Gothic Romance

Referring to the Gothic people often think to style something quite … creepy and mysterious but in one season 2013, the renowned fashion designer Hakaan, Dolce & Gabbana, Ruffian etc, Blasted romance hot bold in the Gothic style which makes them a breath of fresh air, both strange but also familiar.

One used here is the classic black color. Colors really are the soul for the Gothic style. However, the great highlights for the fall of this year is the romance, the volatility of materials such as chiffon, lace, silk, satin, leather … throne. In addition, the impressive stone accessories attached statement also contributed to the Gothic style outfit more luxurious.

3. Leather Skirt

Leather skirt is always a keyword that fashion followers not to be missed during the beginning of 2012 so far. This is the ideal choice for photo enthusiasts who rock-chic personality, but still classic and elegant with such properties, they all from menswear strongly to style vintage femininity.

If as before, the leather skirt is usually indicative only black color, with seasonal trends, leather skirt matched with extremely varied colors: brown, beige, red, yellow, cobalt blue … design leather skirt also more variations harmonics, not just the traditional hugging design that also ranked Storage, peplum, sawn evil, associated with, even in texture.

4. White Colors

Who does not love feeling peaceful and pristine, powerful strong like the legendary Snow Queen? You do not need to be her new snow princess get it, only with a white and the ingenious combination, you also “balance of power” gives you elegance elegant.

And of course, this one season, when it comes to white, you definitely should not ignore the trend “white-on-white” home crowd. We will make you become outstanding young and unexpectedly.

5. Cloak Cape

It took a long time for the fashion followers acquainted with this sleeveless cape cloak, but, under the relentless creation of typical fashion designer Emilio Pucci, Marios Schwab, Francesco Scognamiglio. .. Our classic beauty will certainly make many women in the world “love”.

In the fall of long shirt designs, materials, smooth, waterproof predict will take over in the future.

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