15+ Ways Exotic Beauty and Wellness Treatments in 9 Countries


In the article, we clear the Exotic beauty treatments and health care topic.

1- Hair treatment with cow semen

Have you ever thought you would use cow semen for hair care?

A few years ago, beautiful women in Knightsbridge, London, England with dry and brittle hair had preferred the service of the luxurious Hari hair salon. The salon’s hair care service runs for 45 minutes to add “protein” to the customer’s hair with cow semen.

2- Exotic Beauty Massage with solid

This is a creepy beauty and health treatment that few people dare to try. The massage staff at the Ada Barak spa, Talmei Elazar, northern Israel, will let snakes: Florida snakes (king of snakes), corn snakes, and milk snakes curl over the client’s body.

3- Let snail crawl on the face to beautify skin

Specialist Danielle Demetriou in Tokyo. Japan recently experimented with an exotic skincare method by having a raw snail crawl on her face.

hyaluronic acid to be able to beautify, relax and nourish youthful skin.

4- Exotic Bbeauty of the genital area

This Exotic Beauty service recommended for women. who have problems with obnoxious ingrown hairs.

5- Use bird droppings as a mask

This skincare treatment is one of the ancient secrets that make up the beauty of atheism. The songbird manure powder applied to the face to remove the makeup layer, making the skin of the female technician smooth.

Currently, customers can use this skincare method at Shizuka Spa New York Day, New York, USA

6- Hay bath (Italy) Exotic Beauty

This method used in Italy. Immersed in this hay bath, you will feel all tired, relaxed, and relaxed.

7- Exotic Beauty Music therapy

Integratron house, in California, the USA where the music-focused and amplified to help rejuvenate the body. Thanks to its special geomagnetic location, the acoustic bathroom of quartz stone chains shaped like bowls with musical echoes will relax the body and mind.

This therapy tested by many famous people and praised by many newspapers around the world for its effectiveness.

8- Skincare round 3

Why do people just stop at the face? Spa services for specialized care for round 3 are becoming a fever in New York, USA. The skin needs care exfoliated with a micro electric pulse machine to fight aging, smooth, and fade blemishes. Round 3 becomes perfect in a matter of seconds.

9- Take a sake bath

The Japanese health care services with a soak in the bath containing a mixture of sake. This service enjoyed at the hot springs in Yunessun Park in Hakone, Japan.

10- Massage with “cactus”

The stem of this plant used to apply to the skin to help a mixture of essential oils and cactus flowers to restore and rejuvenate the skin to penetrate easily deep inside. Your skin will become smooth and healthy with this method.

Exotic standards of beauty in 9 countries

French women like to let their hair grow naturally and Japanese women like crooked teeth.

Irish women often have thick eyebrows, white skin, thin lips, wide forehead, blue eyes, and freckled face.


Regular teeth in Japan the opposite is true.


Statistics show that the rate of nose correction surgery in Iran is the highest in the world. The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Iran is very expensive. People who can spend money on nose jobs often come from wealthy families.

South Korea

The perfect female face model in Korea includes flawless white skin, a pointed nose, a small face, and big eyes. A lot of women spend a lot of money on cosmetic surgeries to get the perfect look by the standards.


In Tajikistan, thick, almost sticking eyebrows considered the standard beauty of women. They believe that the closer the eyebrows are to each other, the closer the husband will be to them.

Saudi Arabia

The eyes are a mirror reflecting the woman’s soul – this is something Saudis have always believed in. Saudi women spend a lot of money on makeup and eye makeup.

Exotic Beauty In China

In China Exotic beauty, porcelain white skin considered the perfect standard of beauty.

People with dark skin often have to work in the fields. Girls with porcelain white skin often come from wealthy families. This mentality affects to this day. Many Chinese girls are willing to do anything to get smooth white skin.

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