5 Wedding Flowers Chose For Your Bride Flowers

5 Wedding Flowers Chose For Your Bride Flowers
5 Wedding Flowers Chose For Your Bride Flowers

Wedding flowers is one of the accessories that affect the appearance of the bride at the reception took place Not surprisingly the bride always confused in choosing what kind of flowers will be chosen at the party important.

Here are some options wedding flowers including:

1. Rose

Rose Wedding Flowers

Roses are flowers that easy to find besides easy to find its also cheap flower so fitting for you who do not have much budget. The flowers were beautiful and graceful very to be the choice of your wedding flowers

2. Lilies

Lilies Wedding Flowers

Interest so dazzling impression lilies have become a favorite choice to complement wedding besides party these flowers have a great selection of colors including white, dark red, purple and yellow .

3. Bowl Flower

Bowl Wedding Flowers

This flower has a great shape so you do not need to buy it in much number. This flower also has a variety of color options, such as blue, purple, pink, and white. This flower is also perfect paired with a rose with a variety of colors.

4. Sun Flower

Sun Flowers For Wedding

Sunflower is synonymous with heat. Interest season is also not difficult to find. Bright yellow color will be beautiful decoration for your wedding party.

5. Gerbera Flower

Gerbera Flower For Wedding

Gerbera flower is widely grown in the summer. This flower also has a great selection of flamboyant colors such as orange, pink, yellow, white and red.

In addition to those above options, there are other options bebrbagai flowers that you can use for your wedding, such as aster, chrysanthemum, jasmine, orchids and others.

For flower arrangement, lilli kala heat. Interest, roses and gerbera are bound to take a grip of the bride.

Roses can be combined with other flowers such as flower IV, kala lily and peony. In addition, you can combine flowers with other flowers bowls, roses and orchids for example if you have more budgets.

For tips on combining interest, you should not compose more than 3 interests on the circuit to obtain satisfactory results and maximum flower arrangements but not too much.

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