50 Shades Of Gray Make-Up Tutorial For Valentine’s Day


Tutorial: 50 shades of gray make-up for valentine’s day we have a double reason to celebrate: quality time with your lover, and best friend, the film Fifty shades of Grey’s that all who look forward to (secretly) since he was announced. And because you want to be extra-s*xy in particular the data Valentine’s Day, we offer you a grayscale makeup inspired by the hottest film of the moment.

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Here’s how to breed and you home makeup in shades of gray inspired by the movie fifty shades of Grey’

The first necessary step before applying makeup is to clean and moisturize your skin with the right products for your skin type. We recommend you start with eye makeup before applying foundation and concealer to work freely with dark makeup.

For eye makeup begins by applying a creamy white eye shadow and arcade, which we fix with a white powder blush pearl. Then apply a dark shadow, close to the skin tone on the crease, then on the gray, in the midst mobile eyelid. Stretch good blush brush over the entire eyelid crease taking care not overcome. Delivers delicate gray to brown with no color brush.

50 Shades of Gray Make-up Tutorial

Apply eyelash line ink or pencil, which then circulate it with a black matte eyeshadow. Skip next in line then, where applying the same steps: outline with black pencil, then paint matte black. Delivers black shadow gray shadow in the same shade used on the upper eyelid.

Carefully shape eyebrows, apply mascara on the eyelashes and if necessary a few bunches of eyelashes in the outer corner of eye.

50 Shades Of Gray Make-Up Tutorial For Valentine's Day

The foundation is applied with a special brush from inside to outside face with circular movements. For an illuminating effect of gaze triangular apply concealer using appropriate pensions. Finish the makeup with a layer of translucent powder and outlines cheeks with a blush in a discreet shade.

Because the focus is grayscale makeup on the eyes using lip gloss in a shade as close to the natural color of your lips.

You’ll try our makeup sexy grayscale? Follow the steps in the tutorial video below and you’ll get the same look easy.

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