How to Become a 50s Makeup Pin Up Perfect


The 50s makeup is sensual and feminine fifties; let’s see the classic version and the reinterpretations of the day.

50s Makeup Pin Up, the Colors to Use and How to Make

The 50s are historically a period of optimism and rebirth, which is also reflected in the fashion and makeup. These are the years of Grace Kelly, but also to Marilyn Monroe, who, with her symbolizes femininity highlighted and ostentatious representing 50 years.

50s Makeup trend mascara, eyeliner, Pink color lipstick

The mouth, sensual and attractive element par excellence, is red and fleshy, is the main color of the face. The eyes are highlighted with a thick line of eyeliner (on the top of the eye rhyme) that makes them “cat-like”, stretching them and highlighting them.

Finally, it is important to create a perfect skin, made clear from abundant powder. A satiny skin and the moon will also emphasize the splendor of red lipstick. Well-defined eyebrows and fill, along with a touch of blush on the cheeks in shades of red, will crown the make-up making it faultless.

50s Makeup trend mascara, eyeliner, Pink color lipstick

In recent years many celebrities have adopted this style pin-up, among them Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, the star of Burlesque Dita Von Teese and the iconic Amy Winehouse. The main variations on the theme of the Fifties involving the use of slightly brighter colors for the eyes and a softer color for the mouth, thus balancing the two focal points, while maintaining the use eyeliner, perhaps in colors other than black (such as plum).

The common thread is always a face healthy and very feminine and allure of a diva. And yet, a lipstick bright pink, purplish or pink, revisits the trend. Also, new ways to apply eyeliner, even graphics, with the creation of original and alternative traits, represents an interesting variation on the theme.

50s Makeup Years, the Five Tips For a Make-Up Diva

The trick 50 years allows us not only to remember a great age but also to be stylish as well as sensual and very feminine: the 50s, in fact, are back in fashion and particularly not only in our wardrobe. Admiring the pin ups that have made history, celebrating a new style of dancing to the rhythm of rock ‘n roll, we can copy many still make up trend.

50s Makeup trend mascara, eyeliner, red color lipstick-

For a perfect 50s makeup years, which can become a trendy make-up today, we have to rely entirely on bewitching cat’s eyes, red lips and red cheeks. Very popular in those years were false eyelashes, to extend the look, but now we can use much mascara that can help us in this endeavor.

50s Makeup trend mascara, eyeliner, red color lipstick-01

Although the powder is great protagonist, and energy to give color to the complexion of our face, Eyebrows should be designed gullwing, to give more strength to our eyes with eyeliner you have to mark a clear line on your eyes: you can also overdo it, because the eyes are truly the center of attention, more than anything else.

50s Makeup

Remember, finally, of a deep red color to your lips with lipstick seductive and very feminine. And for a touch of Marilyn Monroe, who never failed on the face of the pin-ups of the 50’s, remember to draw a small drawback: you can simply use a black pencil that you use for the eye!

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