6 3Suisses Dresses Spring Summer For 2018 2019 + Hippies + Floral Prints


3Suisses dresses for spring summer 2018 2019, in the program, long dresses, short dresses, printed dresses and sexy dresses for bold silhouettes and trends discover without further delay 6 dresses heart stroke of the editorial marked in 3Suisses.

The brand’s essential fashion mail order I have appointed the 3Suisses promises a festival of color and gaiety to a warm wardrobe!

The 3Suisses dresses trend spring summer 2018 2019, among 3 Suisses is the style, color, bold looks and a spirit very 1970s! And next dresses them short, ultra sexy or printed, the brand assures us vintage seventies spirit by focusing on the colors blue, green and purple. And because years “hippies” is also a lot of naive or floral prints, there will be galore this season!

Finally, for the materials, the 3Suisses dresses spring summer 2018 2019 after the Japanese-current and invites us to a return to chic materials such as silk and clean cuts. it left for fatal silhouettes and rich in color!


6. Babydoll

A babydoll dress 3Suisses trend summer 2018 2019

3Suisses, dress, € 39.99


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