6 Food that Make Appearance Skin So Poor


Food that Make Appearance Skin using a concealer and foundation can give the effect of a fresh and smooth skin. Despite knowing how to camouflage deficiencies through the skin make-up, but you must also take look for yourself.

No matter how good the product make-up, if the skin is not healthy, it is difficult makeup stick perfectly too maintain healthy skin, you must keep the intake from inside. If you want beautiful skin, avoid the following food as quoted high beauty.

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1. Salt

Foods with a high salt content affects the skin becomes dry & Salt ‘pull’ of water in the body thus reducing humidity…In effect, the appearance of the skin so it is not fresh.

2. Most Sugar

Too much sugar is not good for the skin. Sugar makes the skin swell. In addition, the sugar content lead to wrinkles. If you want to eat sweet, you should choose fruit rather than candy or cookies.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is not only bad for health but also affects the skin. Alcohol makes your skin very dehydrated which can damage skin cells.

4. Fried

All fried foods (potatoes, fried chicken, fried) are an enemy to the skin. The food contains Tran’s fat that can clog arteries and blood flow to freeze. The effect is to make the skin to acne; blackheads and skin appearance are not fresh.

5. Carbohydrate

Some studies suggest that carbohydrates can increase the insulin in the blood. Increased insulin can disrupt the functioning of hormones that cause acne.

6. Red Meat

Meat trigger wrinkles. The cause is the compound carnitine in meat can clog blood flow. Eat less meat to keep skin glowy.

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