Top 6 Lemon Beauty Care With Amazing Beauty Fruit Qualities

Lemon Beauty Care and Tips
Lemon Beauty Care With Amazing Beauty Fruit Qualities

Lemon Beauty Care, If the lemon is mainly known for its slimming qualities, it is also an ally amazing beauty. Shelookbook update on the magical virtues of this little yellow fruit.

Amazing Beauty With Lemon Beauty Care

01. Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair

To restore shine to dull hair and dull, always have some lemons in your refrigerator fresh. The ideal is to rinse her hair with lemon juice after being washed with your regular shampoo. Result? Your hair will shine again.

02. Lighten Blonde Hair

Lighten Blonde Hair

Nice reflections to restore your hair blonde dilute the juice equivalent of two to three fresh lemons in a glass of cold water and pour the mixture on your hair. If they are exposed to the sun, this recipe grandmother will clarify your base. Red give you and your beautiful light color.

03. A Luminous Complexion

Bright Skin

To keep skin bright and beautiful, every morning drink a glass of lemon juice in warm water. It is ideal to drink on an empty stomach in the morning.

04. Finish With Eczema

fight against this skin disease

The lemon helps fight against eczema. To fight against this skin disease, it is sufficient to prepare a mixture made of lemon juice and almond oil. Then apply the recipe on the affected areas with a cotton ball and gently pat the skin to do it regularly.

05. Whiten Teeth

Whiten Teeth

Lemon can whiten teeth thanks to its anti-tartar. To find an ultra-white smile just dip your toothbrush in a little lemon juice. Brush your teeth and then finish by rinsing your mouth well. Be careful though not to abuse this technique may damage the enamel of your teeth.

06. A Natural Anti-Wrinkle


Lemon has a strong antioxidant, excellent to fight against wrinkles. Indeed, with age the skin tends to dry out, become thinner and wrinkles appear more easily. Add lemon juice regularly in the diet can reduce the effects of skin aging.

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