6 Simple Tips Reverse Anti Aging Skin Care For Beautifull Skin


Here are 6 easy anti-aging skin care home remedies for women’s skin beauty step by step.

How to prevent and treat wrinkles suddenly appear on the pretty face is always one of the top concerns of women. The small wrinkles begin to form on the outer corner of the eye is often unavoidable but we can overcome it if you want!

No one wants to grow old, especially women. So let’s quickly update the anti-aging secret is extremely simple hot tips!

Below 6 Anti Aging Skin Care ideas

1. A Shopping Sunglasses

A Shopping Sunglasses

According to dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, smiling, squinting and improper sleep are three reasons to promote the formation of fine lines in the eye age. Make a shopping sunglasses to copy the compact and lightweight frame to squint to avoid going into the street, at the same time protect the eye area from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the environment.

2. Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep

When you sleep the eye area to contact with the pillow or the plane too hard and damage the skin and lead to wrinkles. You just change the bedding cover with soft material, smooth (satin, silk, cotton thin) to limit the damage suffered during sleep okay!

3. Moisturize

MoisturizeSpeaking to prevent wrinkles cannot forget to moisturize. The easiest way that you drink plenty of water do not just drink when thirsty body but often enough to drink 2 liters/day and use moisturizer on your face and eye area every morning and evening.

Dry skin due to lack of water or hydration, and as a result we have wrinkles. Drink water and use creams that contain a retinoid, alpha hydroxy acids and copper peptides but oil free (no oil) will help you stretch the skin back.

4. Using Natural Therapies

Using Natural Therapies

In addition to the care and moisturizing, you should “indulge” a little skin with homemade masks. Skin will become soft due to the fresh ingredients from nature and grow stronger to resist pathogens from environmental aging.

Grape Mask

You know grapes contain antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients and photochemical. All these factors help to protect and nourish the skin and anti-aging skin care extremely well. Take a few crushed green seedless grapes washed or water pressure and removing absorbent cotton or paper mask covering eyes, mouth, and forehead. Rinse after 5 minutes and repeat 2-3 times/week to help reduce wrinkles!

Egg Whites

Another method can easily be done at home for the aging treatment using egg white mask. Egg whites can tighten pores and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes. All you need is an egg white use bleach cotton or brush egg white mask scan with a washed face and leave for about 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

5. Relaxation


Some important tips to prevent aging are to give your eyes a break! If you sit at a computer all day please pay attention to the eyes relax by leaving jobs after 5-10 minutes 1-hour concentration. Also, note the lighting conditions at work, read, write. Anything that makes your eyes is straining to make your skin aging quickly.

6. No Smoking


Maybe you’ve heard this advice a million times but can not reiterate that smoking is the culprit stole from skin collagen and elastic the bodyguard prevent skin wrinkles.No Smoking

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