6 Unique Nail Designs With Adhesive Tape


Unique nail designs regularly follow the recent fashion nails trends, you can see that the foundation design with the help of adhesive tape is a “fad”.

Thanks to the tape, easy nail design styling especially with complex motifs or jagged lines with countless creative variations, would like to introduce the easiest way for you to get beautiful unique nail designs.

Unique Nail Designs With Use Adhesive Tape

Unique Nail Designs

Lace Nails

All you need is a roll of sticky tape and saw a pair of scissors. You cut the tape to create lace as shown in the picture, and then use any tool to create small spots around and inside the arc region of the “lace”. Just as simple as that you can get the nails delicate extremely fast.

Nail Geometric Motifs

You can use tape to create geometric patterns by the second tape in different angles depending on their interests and painted nails. Once nails are dry, you peel the tape. Design your nails will be very precise and perfect.

Designing the Perfect French Manicure

Use tape not only leads to the main draw of the straight edges of the nails according to the French manicure style but also help you to choose whether to mix different colors to paint a harmonious way, just right. Even if you are not very clever, Unique nail designs professional shall not be less because the tape has created a great border for you to draw along.

Sticker For Beautiful Nails

All you have to do is take each piece of tape, painted the color you want to paint, dried and cut into small pieces. Then you just need to put them on nails and covered with a layer of paint to make sure the tape is in place.


Similar models nails Lace introduced above, you can use serrated scissors to create vignettes of different shapes. All you need to do is cut a piece of tape and stick them on your nails, then paint any color you want. It’s so simple, easy to nail a beautiful and unique your own brand.


Similar form third nail, you can get the tape to create a straight line with any design, even if the line is horizontal, vertical or diagonal, the tape will help to create an exact straight line, perfect for you. You put the tape in place to create and paint along the lines that’s it.

Note, when using tape makes sure to remove part of the adhesive layer by posting it on your palm. This will help limit the risk of peeling paint after paint.

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