7 Celebrity Beauty Trends With Dye Color Hairstyle, Makeup For Summer


Celebrity beauty trends with purple hair dye gives you dynamic looks personality and brilliant summer day.

This summer, hairstyle and makeup of her tend to favor bright colors and a little wild. The stars in Hollywood always catch up with new trends and give you some great suggestions from the selected hairstyle and makeup styles.

1. Purple Hair Dye

Purple Hair Dye

Purple is not just an option reserved for rockers but the color of the hair break this summer. Sac lilac and lavender to bring femininity to her surprise. Of course, the choice of purple hair rather risky very difficult when combined with cardboard costumes and makeup. So, if you like purple hair dye you need to try several times by using waxed wig or temporary hair dye.

2. Mascara Colors

Mascara Colors

On the catwalk this summer mascara colors are going to dominate the unique position of black mascara. Of her face looks bright and radiant just bring color mascara in purple, blue or yellow … Combined with outstanding mascara makeup tones are best suited color, light and simple.

3. Hair Tufts Top

Hair Tufts Top

The trend this year highlighted hair bun style top and dig a little bit messy to create natural look. This hairstyle helps her feel cool airy but still fashionable. With hair bun top you can party go out with friends even going to fit well.

4. Eyeliner Colors

Eyeliner Colors

Liner carrying pastel colors is a great way to highlight your makeup and costume. As Selena Gomez, combine mint green eyeliner with a light blue dress making the face more radiant.

5. Use Lipstick Storage

Use Lipstick Storage

Son matte (son packets, no balls, no emulsion) makes lips look thicker and hotter. Moreover, the son has a long grip and feeling dry summer suits. This year the style gloss bright as not being popular. However, the downside is the son staying at nursing, prone to dry and even chapped lips even in summer. Therefore, she needed lip balm lipstick closer if staying more use this summer.

6. Hair Braid

Hair Braid

Year crescent, moon festival, or simply drop, she has kept the hair neat has created her own style of summer days. If it gets too hot you should pull out hair braided and up to “liberate” the back of the neck. When attending a party or important event you can add hair accessories such as stone studded brooch.

7. Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic Makeup

Type monochromatic makeup on the eyes does not hit very easy to implement and maintain natural features in the morning to face. Makeup scattering choose solid colors for the eyes is a natural part of the trend fine. You just use a single color neutral color is best to makeup.

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