Shiny hairShiny hair owning beautiful hair is not for the lazy. she cut away the fibrous ends. You can completely own shiny hair and smooth with only very simple secret.

How to Get Shiny Hair In 7 Hair Secrets

Avoid Frequent Shampooing

Shampoo as much hair as silky as the mistake of thinking of many women. In fact, many shampoos contain chemicals and sulfate easy drying natural oil in the hair and scalp if used regularly.

Provide Nutrients To Strengthen

Mode provides nutrients to the hair through the absorption weekly and apply conditioner every time you wash your hair is essential. Every time use hair oil absorption, whether you are steaming hot or cold absorption, the nutrients will be absorbed into the hair and helps to improve damaged hair. In addition, some types of fruit also help to mask the shiny hair care efficiently and quickly.

Flat Round Brush

Not all sisters are also known for excellent use of the flat round brush. We will help you to remove dirt and dandruff on the hair quickly and efficiently. Along with, flat comb the hair with a round brush, a chance to massage your scalp stimulating blood circulation well. So, go buy yourself a regular round brush flat and brush every night before bed to own shiny hair, healthy.

Keep In Mind When Styling With Hot Tools

The use of cosmetics to protect shiny hair when styling with heat tools is no stranger to the property you want beautiful hair. But all will be successful if you make the wrong kind of cup time after application, spray nursing protection. Make sure that your hair is completely dry and wet after application maintenance and before styling. The heat will disable if you make the right type of nutrients after apply mousse support.

Clean The Hair Properly

Another mistake habits or sister to do is wipe the strong shiny hair after shampoo to dry hair quickly. According to many experts, the strong hair by rubbing the towel will lead to hair loss. Correct movement to clean your hair is just so pat towel dry the hair until they light and dry with hair dryer.

Nutritious Food

All methods to beautify the skin or hair are indispensable addition of nutritious food for the body. Experts recommend that you drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses of water each day to not dry hair fiber. Also, rich food as possible to get the conditioner helps hair growth and shine. If you are in the period of diet, change of food by the addition of synthetic vitamins.

Hair Cut Regularly

Owning beautiful shiny hair is not for the lazy she cut away the fibrous ends. In fact, the hair cut not only eliminated the ends of tangled fibers that help hair grow faster and healthier. The ideal time for women haircut is 1 month / time.

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