7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Salt Intake Without Sacrificing

7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Salt Intake Without Sacrificing
7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Salt Intake Without Sacrificing

Table salt is a daily food ingredient on the tables and the entry was not only Salt public JEM but prepared foods that contain excessive amounts of salt. In this way, greater than its daily physiological needs as recommended by the World Health Organization should not be greater than 6 grams per day. No salt consumption per person in the country amounts to 20 grams which is alarming because it is closely associated with hypertension, stroke and osteoporosis. Reduce salt intake is the basis for health that is possible with these 7 simple ways

7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Salt Intake Without Sacrificing

Fist Choose Fresh or Frozen Vegetables Instead of Canned

One of the insidious ways to put her salt in the diet is canned vegetables containing sodium as a preservative, so it preserves the final content should be avoided. Use fresh or frozen vegetables other than salt which comes as a natural composition of foods no additives.

2nd Read Composition Sauce and Risky Replace Healthy
Just one tablespoon of soy sauce contains more than 1000 mg of sodium; an alternative to this sauce is balsamic vinegar which contains sodium only in trace amounts.

3rd Eat Less Bread

Bread never put into the context of processed food but the trap is hidden in the condiment including the salt that is added to the fresh bread. One slice contains as many as 230 mg of salt.

4th Avoid Cured Meats in Sandwiches

Although the meat in its composition contains salt it subsequently added to cured meats to enhance the flavor and prolong the lifetime of the product. One such slice turkey sausage contains 1,050 mg of salt. Therefore prefer to choose fresh turkey meat or vegetarian alternative to sandwiches.

5th Make Homemade Soup Instead of One Out Of The Bag

Vegetable soup and lean meat sounds healthy but unfortunately canned soups and one from the bag rights explosion of salt & One cup of soups containing 940 mg of sodium. A better alternative is definitely homemade soup for you are sure that it does not contain traps.

6th Stick to Simple Ways of Preparing Meat

Plain piece of fresh chicken or turkey is healthy especially if prepared with a little olive oil and steamed. But if you treat it with aromas of various marinades, crumbs of bread, meat becomes reloaded sodium and your health does not seem right.

7th I Do Not Often Eat Pizza

Although it is known that the pizza does not belong in a healthy diet it is still at the forefront of the diet of many who have ignored warnings to doctors. One slice of pizza contains 760 mg of sodium and the number of daily eating an entire large pizza consisting of 8 slices.

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