70’s Style Makeup For The Dressing Style


70’s style makeup for the dressing style of the ’70s, sharp eyes lem is outstanding characteristics. You are looking for a makeup style is both natural and glamorous?

Facial make-up of the 70 would be the perfect choice for you.


70's Style Makeup dark red lipstick
70’s Style Makeup dark red lipstick

If you use the dark red lipstick or dark, then try to change to the new and brighter colors. You can choose fresh colors such as pink, peach or lip gloss color. We will give your lips plump and full of charm.

Sparkling Eye Shadow

70's Style Sparkling Eye Shadow
70's Style Sparkling Eye Shadow 70’s Style Sparkling Eye Shadow

Eye makeup is an important step because it determines the style that you are aiming for each eye has its own beauty, so to eyes sparkling become a natural way you need:

  • Use a pencil or black eyeliner lined eyelids. For the dressing style of the ’70s, sharp eyes lem is outstanding characteristics.
  • Select a color chalk line to highlight the eyes. If your skin is a light color, choose pastel pale blue or silver. Also with tacit skin, you should use brown or green.
  • Brush mascara is an indispensable step makeup but you should not polish thick mascara. Mascara brown or coffee color is the new choice for you.
  • For your eyes more depth, you can use false eyelashes.

Shine Skin

70's Style Light brown skin

Foundation options match the color of the skin is the most important first step and to get smooth skin.

You should use creams with high humidity and ingredients from natural to restrict the ability to do damage to the skin if the make-up constantly.

Besides, pale pink blush is also a suggestion to create a feeling of stretched skin full of vitality.

Light brown skin like tanned leather is another characteristic of the style of the ’70s & so you can use a brown background cream or brown blush spread over to animate virtually tanned when you do not have a natural skin like that.

Impressive Makeup

70's Style makeup with Smokey Eye

But style is gentle makeup application, but you can still kind of makeup for the gala.

Just change the color of dark red lipstick, slightly smoky eyes and adding little blush confident impression you can become the focal point of the party.

Choose creamy blush so that it can penetrate deep into the skin and keep the color longer, more natural. And remember to always choose a color close to your natural skin color to a bright face and radiant vitality.

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