8 Short Tailored Pants ‘Sold Out’ Last Summer


Contrary to shake off the dust jean shorts are believers street fashion favorite the default Tailored shorts are for ladies” good” by the elegant beauty, femininity and elegance.

Tailored shorts are designed and are interested in more fabric sewing. Thanks to the unique features that Tailored shorts with a solid position in the summer of 2013 and received the attention of numerous fashion followers. Following the trend being sought, the following trends fashion connoisseurs shorts are recommended.

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Tailored shorts BST motifs in the summer of 2013 by Paul & Joe.

Tailored Short Vignettes

Drawing not only is applied to clothing spring, or summer dresses. This year, special motifs are combined in the shorts designs bring a modern look to the ladies. Style pants with slightly different this year to last summer more military appearance took the stage and is providing the material is not too thin. Thanks to this feature shorts easy to walk around applications, picnics or even at home simply can match.

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Tailored pants short vignettes bring summer breath. Seasonal patterns of color clothes Cacharel, Chalayan and Hermes.

High Waisted Shorts

High-waisted trousers styling so prevalent in recent years following its influential, high-waisted style continues to maintain its position as selling styling summer. Effective high-waisted pants create costumes emphasize the waist. You can use micro fiber belt or to the same combination. In addition to the advantages accentuated waist pants are highly likely to deceive the sight as your legs are longer, slimmer waist. High-waisted trousers designs also help you become more modern and stylish.

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High-waisted pants with plain concrete is preferred. BST design the brand’s summer 2013 Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre and Jason Wu.

Shorts Agent

Strong personality and is what gives skin shorts wearer. To view a short leather pants “quality”, you should know how to coordinate clothes and accessories. This summer, shorts black cardboard throne, the jacket comes with concrete or concrete with accessories. Austria’s waist crop top show favorite last season, matching vest made with elegant beauty personality. The interesting mix between the two styles to bring up a new look and is equally appealing to the leather shorts this year.

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Leather shorts much you love her personality. Styling summer 2013 leather pants Phillip Lim brand, Trussardi and Sass & Bride

Short For Party Night

It’s interesting when you add a new definition of shorts in her wardrobe. No longer is the short shorts, torn jeans nature tours are only for street fashion followers, this short more new styles for ladies party. A long flowing skirt and sexy eyes were so familiar; you try to view short shorts to become the leading trend.

Shorts for the party faithful will be eye catching colors, or according to the courtly attire you want to work with different material than the day with metallic fabric is preferred in addition the accompanying beaded charm to make you like her new style test.

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Vest Combines The Short

Not too strange the outfits vest shorts combination was used more in the spring. In the space of vibrant summer, vest sets the effective costumes and become the office favorite. The twenties girl favorite beauty often choose modern design combined with short vest, just to lend a touch of elegance and modern and personality.

8 Short Tailored Pants 'Sold Out' Last Summer -3
Short go with the vest has the elegant and modern. The Rachel COMEY, Emporio Armani and Hermes unveiled the latest model vest summer of 2013.

Modern Shorts

Located in the list of the most popular pants summer shorts knees. Shorts may this year be based on material airy softness suit summer climate wide pants look liberal feels that no more than one error.

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Dark tones, pastel or floral print is stylized love more.Shorts look pretty broad minded.

Tailored Shorts Picnic

Surely you have planned for the summer vacation fun so prepare costume is not too difficult issues when you have grasped the summer 2013 fashion trends. Shorts are your first choice to bring in the holiday. Shorts for a picnic or go to the beach often with striking colors bold vibrant breath of summer.

8 Short Tailored Pants 'Sold Out' Last Summer -1

So, choose a ready medium shorts cool again very convenient Striking tones for a lively holiday when you go to the beach or a picnic.

Short Sporty Style

Slimming pants sports properties get sweaty, stretchy fabric is very soft easy convenience, take advantage of this, the title designer sweatpants born as meet the needs of crockery fad. Are interested in this sport favored by fake mesh material pure white tones will be used more combined with extensive T-shirt designs. Plus a pair of sport shoes so you have to be a sporty girl healthy and strong.

8 Short Tailored Pants 'Sold Out' Last Summer
Sports shorts cool styling and convenience. Design variations of sportswear from Barbara Bui, Stella McCartney.

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