8 Beautiful Curly Hair Tips For Taking Care Of All Curly Hair Types


Anyone who has beautiful curly hair knows how the curly hair notion is not enough to define all types of loops that exist in the world of hair: light waves with very curly shaped “s” hair, through the frizzy hair; the loop takes the form of “z”, to each type of curly hair it’s appropriate care.

Here Are 8 Tips To Know All The Girls With Curly Hair!

All girls with curly hair know: THE only care for curly hair does not exist for there are many curly hair types than men in the life of Taylor Swift.

That’s why we decided to make this data sheet care curly hair, type of curls!

Caring for curly hair in corkscrew

Caring for curly hair in corkscrew
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  • Manipulate her hair carefully.

As their name suggests, the curls corkscrew take the form of appetizers star tool. And the main feature of these loops is that they are very brittle and prone to frizz.

For pampering, the first tip is to put in a closet eternal towel. Friction classic terry towels and dries the damaged lengths and ends. Better to opt for a 100% cotton or microfiber towel.

Result: a more gentle friction, less frizz, and less damage.

  • Abuse of styling cream.

For this type of fragile hair, it is important to drink regularly and minimize the heat of the hairdryer and straighteners.

For beautiful hair nourished and well-drawn loops, light styling cream is added to the capillary routine.

Caring for wavy hair with light curls

Caring for wavy hair with light curls
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  • Purify the scalp.

Wavy hair with light curls tends to sag and lose definition. And contrary to what one thinks, treat them with millions of fixing products does not help the problem. On the contrary, it increases the length and softens curls.

The solution? Building on a purifying shampoo at least once a month to release the scalp products that suffocate and boost natural hair volume.

  • Add definition.

By nature, this type of loops tends to flatten. It is therefore texturizing. But that does not mean that you should not moisturize (yet)!

For loops “plumped” and brighter, we must rely on care in both defining and moisturizer.

Tips for tight curls in the shape of “S”

Tips for tight curls in the shape of S
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  • The best thing is to do as little as possible.

Generally, curly hair is naturally dry because their shape prevents the sebum to spread quickly to spikes. Curly hair in “s” on the other hand (which we as a scrawl), better retain moisture than other types of loops.

Needless to multiple masks shea butter: the deal occasionally with a leave more than enough to preserve their natural glow.

  • Accentuate the curls.

Loops in “s” are fairly easy to handle, unlike their sisters. So we took the opportunity!

For explosive curls, just prepare her hair before bed with a définissante cream curls. Once installed care is twisted her hair section is attached with elastic ends and on file in bed

And Bam! Balls sublime thing in the morning.

Taking care of frizzy curls “Z”

Taking care of frizzy curls Z
Image Source © Imaxtree
  • Choosing the correct haircut.

Loops in “z” are characteristic of curly hair. Unlike loops “s” or corkscrew, they have a more angular shape. Therefore, it is even more fragile than normal and is prone to breakage.

We must, therefore, redouble our attention when we have this type of hair. And it goes through the cut and hairstyle that one chooses. Better to avoid styles that weaken the hair (braids, hair pulled back, tortillas …) and favor the afro natural hair.

  • Have a light hand on moisturizers.

It has repeatedly said in this article that the only key curly hair is hydration. Well here is the exception: loops “z”.

This type of loop is so delicate that to hydration because in fact more sensitive. Then the conditioner, yes, but too no! One is satisfied with a treatment once a week maximum.

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