9 Hair Care Inefficient Way Step By Step


Hair Care Hair care in winter, especially for women with curly hair, dyed bright, fibrous condition dry hair, damaged caused many headaches. Sewing moisturizer becomes very important to take care of hair. However, in order to moisturize effectively not everyone is doing the right thing.

Moisturize Your Hair / Hair Styling Products

The purpose of moisturizing the hair is to provide water for the horny outer layer and penetrates deep into the hair helps hair dry, broken and damaged. If your hair is in a state of long days without washing your hair or hair covered by a layer of styling gel moisturizing products can hardly effective.

Moisturizing Products Containing Butter or Oil

Except for a few oils such as coconut oil can penetrate into the hair oils and butter will be located outside the stratum cornea, the membrane that covers the hair that flat even more fiber dry brittle and easily damaged.

The Solvent Products But Do Not Hold Water

As well as oil and butter the labeled water based products and the country itself has no effect unless they are moisturizing supplements. Water will easily evaporate from the hair leaving hair dry fiber is maintained even worse by the natural oils secreted by the scalp to hair protection may lapse.

Instead use a mineral spray. As well as products containing mineral spray water but water retention effective moisturizing help you but do not hold long term effects and have to spray it again and again.

Shampooing Too Well Do Not Use Shampoo

Many people have the habit of washing your hair too well then do not use conditioner. This process will make the hair on a dry fiber and easily damaged. Even if you have oily scalp, faster flat, wash it thoroughly will only stimulate the scalp more oil and make the situation even worse hair.

By Moisturizing Styling Products

Many people confuse styling products with moisturizing products especially products for curly hair. Although some products can do both jobs but most only take a function and both hair care and styling is words soothed the manufacturer. Liquid styling products can make you feel less dry and softer hair but they can contain alcohol and mineral oils cleaning agents on long hair fiber.

Focus On The Hairline Neglecting The Ends

Hair care routine is very important. If you feel your hair is dry fiber the first moisturizer to the ends the distal portion of the scalp and least moisture to.

Excessive Moisturizing

Fully moisturize hair will be soft, light, touch hand feel smooth but not sticky wet. Too much moisture will cause product styling wet hair too hard or cause damage to the scalp if in a state of regular moisture.

Hair conditioner overnight or steamed for hours

The cautious conditioner for several hours even overnight in fact completely unnecessary, According to research by experts hair care work 30 minutes is equivalent to 8 hours depth maintenance therapy. Furthermore, regular steaming hot totally not well for hair, Hair after steaming hot underground usually smooth beautiful hair makes you feel more. However, high temperatures used in the appeal process if abused hair that will cause the hair to become weak and susceptible to dry split ends.

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