Accelerate Hair Growth: Tips For A Long Mane


We have tips for you on how to get healthy and long hair and how to make your hair grow faster!

The good news: there is a lot you can do for healthy, long hair and maybe even accelerate growth a bit.

How your mane doesn’t really want to grow?

The good news: there is a lot you can do for healthy, long hair and even accelerate growth a bit. We have tips for you on how to get healthy and long hair and how to make your hair grow faster!

How does my hair grow faster?

Average hair growth is around 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month – around 12 to 15 centimeters a year. But

Can You Actually Accelerate Hair Growth?

First things first: there is no panacea that directly leads to faster hair growth for everyone.

The maximum length of your hair.

However, there are some things you can do,

make your hair fuller, stronger, and healthier. We’ll explain how to do it.

Gigi Hadid Long Wavy Hairstyles With Glitter Eyebrows
Long hair wants almost every girl.

These Tricks Make Your Hair Grow Faster

1. The Right Care Routine For Faster Hair Growth

If you want beautiful hair, care should not be taken lightly. Good care can avoid split ends and provide long hair with nutrients from the roots to the ends of the hair to prevent hair breakage.

2. Head Massage For Quick Hair Growth

A massage should stimulate our hair growth? Oh yeah! A five to ten-minute head massage with your fingertips or a massage spider stimulates the circulation in the scalp.

In this way, The hair can grow back faster and healthier.

3. A Balanced Diet For Long Hair

Beauty comes from within! If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, it will affect your hair length. A lack of nutrients leads to brittle, dull hair. Provide your body with sufficient amounts of iron and proteins. Vitamins are important for hair growth.

Does Hair Really Grow Faster After Cutting?

You probably already know the myth: regular cutting should make our hair grow faster. That really true? Experts quickly agree on answering this question: regular tip cutting does not allow our hair to grow faster.

Can You Accelerate Hair Growth By Brushing?

Regular brushing is said to make hair grow faster – is that right? We got to the bottom of the myth and found something amazing. By regularly brushing the hair, the natural oils of our scalp can be well distributed in the lengths and tips of our mane.

This way, even the dry areas of our hair strands are adequately moisturized and your long hair shines in a healthy shine. Just make sure to use a brush with natural materials.

More nutrients get to the follicle

This could actually lead to faster hair growth.

Don’ts: You Should Avoid That If You Want To Let Your Hair Grow

Heat, daily washing and wrong hair ties: all of these are things that only damage your hair structure and promote the formation of split ends.

Our tip for you, therefore very simple. If you want healthy, long hair,

you should follow these little tips :

Let your hair dry in the fresh air more often and use less hair dryer to avoid unnecessary heat that affects your hair.

Styling with a flat iron, curling iron, etc. should only be done with heat spray. The completely foregoing this styling tool is good for your hair!

You wash your hair every day? It is better if you only wash your hair every other day – your scalp will thank you!

If you have discovered split ends at the tips,

You should have cut off quickly at the hairdresser

Hair ties with metal clips are taboo – use scrunches or hair clips instead!

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