Why Should We Adopt Wax, A New Trendy Print?


Question printed, you thought you knew everything? Here is the wax, a stylish and colorful pattern, which gives peps to the slightest outfit. To adopt it, nothing more simple. We explain everything about wax, a new trendy print.

That’s it, it’s soon summer, the beautiful days arrive!

Question mode, during the spring season summer, we like to wear sparkling and well-colored looks. We crack for flashy tints and fresh and original patterns.

The good news is that the wax print is in full swing in the trend of the moment. Ethnic, psychedelic, pop and colorful … This fabric with a thousand ornaments has everything to please you!

What is the wax?

Understand, the history of wax does not begin in Africa.

Originally, this colored fabric comes from Indonesia. She landed later in Holland and finally in Africa, where she made herself known.

Today, it represents a symbol of African culture because it is used in particular to make traditional outfits.

The wax really has everything to please

Since then, the wax is displayed everywhere. The creators use it for their ready-to-wear collections and the stars adopt it on a daily basis, like Beyoncé.


It is a colored print, usually made on cotton canvas using shoe polish. The patterns can vary infinitely and thus offer different designs each time.

We are cracking for the urban style and chic at the same time that transmits this print. On a jacket, trousers or twelve o’clock skirt, one is certain to opt for a piece fashion super sharp. And to wear it, nothing more simple!

How to wear the wax?

The wax can be worn on individual pieces, stylish accessories or in total look. It’s up to you to choose according to your style.

The main thing is to have fun with the wax. It is worn in small touches on a handbag, earrings, a cropped top or shoes with heels.

On larger pieces, it is adored on a bomber, a trench coat, a long skirt or palazzo pants. With them, one avoids the big prints and one associates them with basics: slim jeans, white shirt, etc.


If the wax often has bright colors like yellow, orange, green, red or blue, it combines very well with a dominance of black or white in a look.

With these stylish designs and trendy colors, the wax is ideal for a mix N match look.

If you opt for a nice wax jacket, you can wear it with a sailor, to bet on the print mix! Attention however to the agreement of the colors, very important when mixing the patterns.

Printed wax: where to find it?

It could not be easier. Many young fashion designers have embarked on making collections exclusively dedicated to wax. Mozart, the mark of the singer Stromae, uses the printed on all her pieces.

To name just a few designers, you can turn to the waxed collections of Owl Paris, By Natacha Baco, Nash Prints, Inyü, Sokna, Nana Wax and Ladyhood.

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