African Braids Hair Of Smooth Tips For Success


African BraidsAfrican braids of straight hair is a difficult task which requires a special technique. Here are some tips to succeed in your hair! To avoid monotony or just because you feel like it, les tresses adopt African ones are tight and glued to the scalp. Exotic and feminine, this hairstyle appeals too many, it has the advantage to adapt to all face shapes and all colors of skin. Only downside: it is easy to create the hair very smooth indeed, however, they do not take up very long and break easily because they are much looser than frizzy hair who themselves better support this hairstyle. Nevertheless, there are techniques for successful African braids of hair, even very steep.

African Braids For An Exotic Hairstyle

African Braids

African Braids Hairstyle
Latest Braided Hairstyles For African Americans Women’s

After thoroughly washing your hair, comb them to eliminate nodes. African braids should ideally be performed on wet hair. Once properly trouble start by isolating a few strands of hair. Prefer to take large strands of hair for better undo later. Use it for a stick or a fine comb. Then make each strand alternately move one above the other while shaking well each time. It is recommended to start with the neck. Achieve African braids is not easy, so if possible, get help from another person who with an overview of your head, it will be much better. The plating step against the scalp is much more difficult and painful especially if it is the first time you do it. To properly tackle the braids, just loudly tighten the mat against the skull.

African Braids Hairstyles With Additions

If you have short hair or medium and you want braids that dance merrily around your head goes for additions! For more style opt for additions of colors that you find in most African shops. African braids with additions require much more attention. Start first by isolating a bit, then take the extension whose thickness depends on the outcome you think to give your final hairstyle. Then wrap it tightly at the root of the hair strand concerned. Alternatively, you can use a special glue to glue the additions. Once the additions set, then the technique remains the same.

African Braids Hairstyles African Braids Hairstyles
African Braids Hairstyles
African Braids Hairstyles

African Braids Hairstyles-01
African Braids Hairstyles

African Braids Hairstyles

African Braids Hairstyles

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