Acne Scar Treatment For Home Remedies Acne Scar Cheeks

After acne scar treatment from the regular light, the scar is more severe scarring or keloid concave. Acne is getting worse (especially inflammatory acne pimples, cysts, pustules) and the condition lasts as long as deep scarring and healing take time.

Nowadays it is different from other skin conditions; scars are not only hurting the spot but was scar tissue makes the skin around the affected location. Expression of this is around scar tissue forming hardened skin edges are unsightly but the spot seems to be dented skin flabby sagging which is due to the elastic link ( collagen) was fractured.

Acne scar treatment for home remedies acne scar cheeks
Acne scar treatment for home remedies acne scar cheeks

Surpasses all previous technologies, roller thoroughly concave scar treatment by “freezing” the entire skin area is showing signs of “unusual” to perform the job: the proliferation of new skin tissue, healing of damaged collagen weak recovery creating new healthy collagen to refill or flatten the scar.

The first needle directly impacts each skin cell promoting activities of cells stimulate and transform skin cells to develop the top layer of the epidermis. Acne scar treatment at the mesoderm layer fibroblasts proliferate and migrate to the clog helping to form collagen and elastic.

At the same time, in the percutaneous injection, the needle started creating fake wounds. Upon receiving stimulation from the needle the continuous transmission of nerve impulses signs of stimulation of the brain thereby forming reactive recovery renewable at the point of injury. This is the natural reaction of the body when receiving stimulation external impact. Through this reaction the skin lesions such as concave scars bruises and overcoming adjusted.

Acne scar treatment before and after Treatment
Acne scar treatment before and after Treatment

Moreover, the Acne scar treatment or benefits with needling also increase nutrient leaching to 1,000 times.


Acne scar treatment of recessed scars treated by needling treatment is very simple completely client activity and normal work. Indented scars naturally fill up after only 5-6 treatments.

At Place care Spa & Clinic concave scar treatment program was started by the doctor carefully examined in order to determine the status of agricultural scars, deep scars or scars last long whether specific treatment counselors will be identified with the various adjustments to the rolling technique results thoroughly.

Results Clients Have Experienced

Ms. Phan Thi Hoai Thuong (Pho Hue – Hanoi) had acne for many years, a lot of scar depressions, holes. You are the expert advice Place care scars reasonable measures by needling with 5-step effect.

Trade sister said: After three acne scar treatment, I am all skin and smooth. The concave scar fills up about 60%, close to the new look is evident. Especially coarse pores condition and to reduce.

In July Place care are applying for special students and students with 50% cost reduction treatment package.

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