How To Choose Eyebrows Face Shape For Eyes Makeup


Women want eyebrows to face shape should always look gorgeous. Women will always look lovely if you could dress up as possible. You should know how to choose makeup that matches the shape of the face. There are a few things you should consider when dressing up.

You should look for cosmetics that suit your skin type in order not to make the skin becomes unhealthy. Note the shape of the face and shape your eyebrows. Most women are not confident with their eyebrows.

You should be able to shape eyebrows that suit your face shape. How to shape eyebrows to fit your face have? Here are some step guides for you who want to have beautiful eyebrows:

How Do I Know What Eyebrow Shape Is Best For me
How Do I Know What Eyebrow Shape Is Best For me

First, you have to tidy up your brows with a shave first. You only need to trim the edges, leaving only the base. Use an eyebrow brush before tidying up so that you keep neat cut.

Secondly, for those who have thin eyebrows you should use an eyebrow pencil to thicken a hairless eyebrow. Pencil color selection is also very important. You should choose an eyebrow pencil that matches the hair color.

Eyebrows for Round Face Big Nose

Third, you can use your eyebrow stencil so much easier to shape eyebrows. There are a lot of eyebrow stencil options that you can choose according to your facial bones. You should see a lot of eyebrows tutorial first.

Fourth, for those who have difficulty determining the angle eyebrows you should use a pencil and held it vertically next to the base of your nose. You can look to the top of the pencil to define the early part of the eyebrows.

Perfect Eyebrows Face Shape

Fifth, you should also be able to determine which parts of the outer eyebrow pencil diagonal position. You can align the outer end of the pencil with your eyes. Pencil tip will show the outer end of the eyebrow.

Sixth, women who want to create the perfect eyebrow arch should be able to determine the point of eyebrows. By looking at the tutorial, you can determine the point of a good eyebrow arch.

You can use a concealer to mark the eyebrow hair and brows using eyebrow powder that looks more natural. You should tidy eyebrows once a week to make it more presentable.

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