How to Apply Facial Mask For Your Skin Moisturizing For Your Beauty Skin


How to apply facial mask at home with natural ingredient step by step. The skin of our face deserves the best care for our skin moisturizing shine. Discover all about facials!

The skin on our face, thin and delicate is the first to stand against external aggressions: cold, heat, pollution, wind, etc… These attackers weaken our skin, dull, dry and are the same age prematurely. That is why it is important to moisturize to help combat these attacks. One must be careful and watch for signs that our skin needs help … and hydration.

The signs that the hydration of our skin is not adequate: redness, tightness, feeling of discomfort or burns.

How to Use a Face Mask

How to Apply Facial Mask For Your Beauty Skin

Good Care

The duo cleaning hydration should be the basis of your beauty routine. In fact, every time we clean our skin, we complete the gesture with proper hydration & applying a day cream and a night cream. The night cream is often richer than the day allowing a good recovery during rest hours. There are also repair balms and moisturizers for the face that can be used at night. In the morning, it is nice to see how our skin is soft and radiant.

Everyone Needs

Find hydration suits us is not a simple matter. Our skin is constantly changing according to temperature changes, seasonal changes, hormonal disruptions and even our physical condition. We must be attentive to our skin to find the type of treatment to use. It is also possible to combine two types of care.

  • Normal use a light cream
  • Oily or mixed fluid is used
  • Dry skin use an emulsion rich in active ingredients capable of retaining water and proper hydration.

Face Masks for Different Skin Types


Care must apply targeted sensitive areas. For example, it is useful to apply an anti-wrinkle on eye and lips, cheeks and neck.


A good moisturizer should contain vitamin A, C and E plus sunscreen. In fact, wear sunscreen even in winter.


If possible, avoid creams with dyes and fragrances that can irritate the skin further.


It is necessary to make an exfoliation at least once a week (if your skin is combination or oily, we can do it twice) to remove dead cells and allow for clear skin and fresh. We use a scrub suitable for our skin type and allowed to act for a clearer and Then, after exfoliation, hydrating the skin well.

A coup for preparing the skin to receive the care, you must use an exfoliating cream. It allows you to make new skin by removing dead cells and giving your skin a smooth and healthy. For maximum effectiveness, leave the cream about 10 minutes. Then it is easier to apply a treatment to moisturize the face.

Each Month

If possible each month, we see an esthetician for a complete treatment that cleans thoroughly and properly hydrate our skin. A new beginning, every month or at least every season!

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