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Foot care our feet need to be well hydrated daily. Here is the right thing for complete hydration and perfect foot care pedicure. They are devoid of sebaceous glands, feet are dry naturally. This is the main reason why it is necessary to moisturize every day without exception. Also, our feet are suffering because they “carry” the daily weight of our entire body and skin as a means of protection, thickens.

In winter, our feet suffocate or freeze! Under layers of down and boots. In summer, they go barefoot on any surface without much care and that, not counting the times they are compressed in uncomfortable shoes. Often, although they are constantly abused, it still retracts their care an error that must be corrected …

Foot Care

Practical Info of Foot Care

Good Care

Take care of your feet should be part of our daily beauty routine. Here are some good gestures.

Every Day

When you come out of the shower or bath, you must first do not forget to dry our feet with our towel. Sometimes we forget or we do it quickly and pulls down on our feet still wet. Bad habit. Then dried the feet even between the toes and apply the cream, the same we use for our bodies enough.


Before going to bed, this is one of the best times to our feet creamed. And night, our feet will rest and will be entitled to extra hydration. It is a good habit to get into.

As Often As Possible

His feet well hydrated it is, but as far as to take advantage of a simple self massage on all surfaces of our feet. Overall well being to predict because if our feet suffer, our whole body suffers.


It is a scrub to remove dead skin cells and refine some smooth surfaces. It is performed after the shower or bath, the skin on our feet is already a bit soft. We then apply a cream.

Each Month

It is time for a complete foot care. We begin by soaking your feet in warm water fifteen minutes. We took the opportunity to read and relax. We can add a product to “footbath” effervescent capsule, essential oil salts or soothing. The intention is to soften the skin as possible. Then dried with a towel before placing on our heels pumice and lime on calluses and rough skin. This treatment helps to soften the skin of our feet. This is important because the friction between our feet, our shoes and low causes the rapid formation of roughness. Then pushes the cuticles and nails cut. Is then a scrub express that removes all the dead skin in order to apply a nourishing cream. We apply the cream in a circular motion starting from the calf to the foot, not to mention all the plant and toes.

Foot Care Homemade Recipe Scrub

  • 2 tablespoons of white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons coarse salt
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil

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