Protein Diet Food List For Weight Loss


Protein Diet FoodProtein diet food to make a protein diet the preferred foods containing protein.

Update on the Protein Diet Food.

What You Eat For a High Protein Diet

Whether you are a high Protein diet food or protein, you must follow the phases are phase short diet with pure proteins phase pure protein / food reintegration phase of other foods and phase back to normal. As pure protein it is possible to eat meat, eggs, cheese, lean dairy, etc.. But there are also meal replacement containing protein. In addition, sachets of powder to be reconstituted with water are also available in pharmacies. The high protein snacks are also good appetite with a low content of fat and sugar. To better eliminate fat cells the protein diet is supplemented by vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber.

The Strengths Of the Protein Diet

Since this is more or less a mono diet weight loss is quite fast and is also visible after a few days. In addition, the high protein diet is not complicated you just need to eat protein rich foods without worrying about the number of calories or amount. The person who decides to follow a satiety by combining fiber and protein. So, she is not too tired which is not the case in the context of a hypocaloric diet. In products used there is a choice between natural products such as seafood poultry or meat and artificial products sold in pharmacies. But the most interesting with this type of diet is that muscle mass does not blend with the fat.

The Variances Of the Protein Diet

There are two methods of protein diet classics like the Dukan diet and originals such as the Scarsdale diet. The Dukan method is spread over four phases that begin with the exclusive consumption of proteins. There is also a program after diet to avoid rework. Scarsdale method relies on a daily intake of 1000 kilocalories per day. For up to 14 days, the person who follows the diet only eat foods rich in protein and are low in carbohydrates and fat.

Protein Diet Food Chart

Protein Diet Food

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