3 Amazing Acrylic Nail Designs in Different Best Look

Amazing acrylic nail designs – As much as you care about the health of the rest of your body and want to look and feel the best you often forget how important it is to take care of your hair as well as your nails.

Just like the hair, the nail might be just another dead part of the body but perfectly shaped and ornamented nails is something that will turn the heads for you.

Look at these amazing new and trending acrylic nail styles:


Manicured Square Nails Seen Women Keeping Acrylic Nail

You might have often seen women keeping square nails and you would have always wondered how to get that amazing look. These acrylic nail styles are pretty damn eye rollers, wherever and whenever you see a woman passing by flaunting this nail style you would always want to make her stop and simply droll over her hands. This acrylic nail style however, is recommended to have a medium to short length with specific attention being paid to the edges. Since, these are extremely square the chance of edges getting chipped is rather high, and this is proved through experience.


Pointy Stiletto Nails Seen Women Keeping Acrylic Nail

This is a crazily adopted trend this year and it looks quite vamp, to be honest. Not many women actually have the heart to try this out but whoever does look sexier than ever. The pointy stiletto nails as the name suggests are normal from the beginning and end up in a very sharp-filed edge that looks more like the heel of a stiletto. This shape is kind of really tricky because after getting pointy stiletto acrylics it seems quite difficult to imagine yourself doing all the things in your life, normally. This will require expert’s hand for better results and won’t really be done the best at home.


Contemporary Oval Square Shape Nails Can Be Pretty

As much as you would want to go crazy but sticking to some contemporary designs and working on some funky ornamentation will give you the best of results while applying acrylics. Acrylics are actually hard to take care of and it highly depends on the filing and shaping of the nail that determines the duration and health of your acrylic nails. This design is really chic as well as feminine. This nail design is basically a blend of the round and the square shape nails and hence the strength of them together. You can be pretty deceptive with these nails playing around with your natural nail shape with the help of the acrylics.

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