Android Will Be Rolling Machine 1 Billion in 2014…


Android Will Be Rolling Machine 1 Billion in 2013Google Chairman Smartphone sales expected to use open-source Android operating system will reach 2 billion plant levels within 1-2 years.

One billion people will use Android smartphone in the next 6-9 months, Mr. Eric Schmidt shared the dizzying growth of the platform on a global scale in the mobile workshop which took place at AllThingsD New York.

More than 1 billion Android smartphone devices that will be used by the end of 2013
More than 1 billion Android smartphone devices that will be used by the end of 2013

Up to the present time, there are more than 750 million Android smartphones activated, spread over 320 networks in 160 countries and territories, Schmidt said. Every day, there are about 1.5 million new Android devices are activated and roaming.

“Android will become the way that users perceive smartphone. Our goal is to reach all users,” Google’s president stressed.

Another important factor to help Android continue to grow and expand the market share is constantly cheaper price of the Android smartphone. According to analysts’ predictions, the next generation of devices will touch the very attractive price range of 75 -100 USD. Most of the cheap Android smartphone will be provided by the Asian manufacturing firms, including major brands such as Samsung.

When asked about the Samsung, the biggest Android partners and also the company now dominates the Android smartphone market share globally, Mr. Schmidt said Google still holds the relationship is “close” to Samsung. “They have hundreds of millions of products running on the Android platform and the next time will remain the same.” However, Google still wants to have as many opponents as possible on Android playing field.

For the openness of Android, Google reiterated this platform is an open platform not tend to monopolize or “open source half of the season.” However, in the future, android will face new rivals appear other open source is Samsung’s Tizen OS or Ubuntu OS and Mozilla Firefox.

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