Appetizers for New Year’s Eve! Simple Recipes and Last Minute


A delicious recipe to prepare delicious appetizers for New Year’s simple and fast…

Have you already decided what to serve appetizers for New Year? If you are short of ideas and you do not really want to complicate your life, you can follow our advice and recipes to cook tasty, fast and perfect to prepare at the last minute. These appetizers are good for both the New Year’s Eve for New Year’s Day, if you cook for both meals, be sure you do not repeat the same recipes, you can save the leftovers for the next day, although you should learn to avoid having leftovers that often end up in the trash!
Appetizers for New Year's Eve! Simple Recipes and Last Minute

Appetizers for New Year’s Eve should be tasty but not too heavy, limited frying and maybe you prefer the vegetables in tempura, fried batter with this light appear and in fact are not greasy and greasy oil. Among the best dishes are the crepes that you can do in a mini version and stuff in so many different ways, so you have many options, including a vegetarian. A classic but always appreciated by everyone duchess potatoes that you can prepare in advance and then heated in the oven. Also delicious bruschetta, sandwiches and vol au vent or savory tarts with pastry crust, the bundles of phyllo dough or puff pastry.

If you want to bet on fish appetizers you can prepare the shrimp cocktail sauce or pink roses of smoked salmon alongside also swordfish and tuna. Very good and much cheaper even with tuna mousse that you can put inside the vol -au-vent, in sandwiches or on some crackers, decorated with lumpfish roe and you will really look great!

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