Apple is Losing The Magic


Shares fell to a record censorship poor product, market surveys where to choose is not a huge concern for “apple handicapped”. 19/10/2011, 14 days after the great founder of Apple Steve Jobs passed away, Apple held a memorial service in his company’s headquarters campus in Cupertino.

Posters in Jobs and his inspirational quotes appear dense on the wall stating that: If you have done something good, you will then have to do something great do not stop for too long. Apple soon realized, if not continue to create they regressed. The slogan of the company that time was just what to do next.

iPhone from the position of a revolutionary product that is just a good product.
iPhone from the position of a revolutionary product that is just a good product.

A year and a half later Wall Street and technology skeptical than ever before in the company of Jobs doing that slogan Apple’s stock fell to a record level in the last one year (420 USD) while rival Google in the opposite direction.

Three years since Apple released a completely new product is the iPad, investors have begun to show impatience on the next innovative product of the company is meanwhile, the competition is getting stronger especially when they were imbued with the thought of Apple’s strategy to launch a product that comes with a complementary ecosystem.

Apple is a great company with unpredictable product to become a company with good products, said George Colony chief market analyst firm Forrester said. Their products are very good but the lack of creativity. This is different from a few years ago.

In fact, Apple is still a leading company. They sold 47 million iPhones in the last three months of 2012. Apple is world’s number one company or 2 depending on the stock price each day of rival oil companies Exxon. In the last year, the company’s profit tops $ 41 billion, higher than the entire profit of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon combined.

However, the problem lies in that, the company’s latest products like the iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini are only small improvements over the previous generation, Biggest breakthrough products of Apple Maps unfortunately being “stoned” mercilessly by the rather bad quality. The company can be proud of they still make the best technology products world best quality but the consequences will be like when it is still operating thanks to the system map, mail, browser from Google.

One more point should be pointed out that Apple has changed the way of censorship post-Steve Jobs product. If previously any new features or products of Apple Steve Jobs must be through the present, it will be moderated by a variety of other members of the executive board the inferior Jobs flawless a former Apple employee said.

Another question that is puzzling Apple executives & they have the ability to enter new markets, when the familiar high-end market is showing signs of saturation? CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple will not always because of the price but lower quality product but in 2012, they gave out a mini iPad for only 330 dollars. Lower price iPhone 4, Apple, says Cook “very surprised” by the user’s needs for a cheap iPhone.

Sales exceeded expectations of iPad mini shows, Apple's market analysis is not good.
Sales exceeded expectations of iPad mini shows, Apple’s market analysis is not good.

Wall Street pessimistic about the future of Apple, Keeping secret until the last minute and launching a product “blockbuster” has brought huge success for the company, but at this time, it actually has the opposite effect due to Apple’s products not much creativity, frustrate users share.

Apple chose to pre-storm quiet buzz in during that time. There are two possibilities: they cherished a revolutionary next project or the company itself struggling not knows the way I choose to go. There will always be a mistake to underestimate Apple, said David Yoffie a professor of Harvard Business School said. I used to do it in some of his research and it’s never an easy thing.

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