Apple Shareholders Thanks to Samsung Galaxy S


The Galaxy S IV does not meet the expectations of users is a good sign for Apple and their shareholders.

Like millions of believer’s technology, Apple’s shareholders also devoted special attention to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV but of course in a completely different way. For those who have money invested in Apple, they look for signs or reason to continue to believe in “apple alternate” or quick “disembarked” before the situation worsened.

Galaxy S IV is not expected to be an opportunity for Apple and its competitors.
Galaxy S IV is not expected to be an opportunity for Apple and its competitors.

However, the information brought up the past few days, it looks like they will be assured of continued journey with Apple by Galaxy S IV failed to make a special impression, if not quite bad. Evidence is Apple’s stock price has increased to 2.5% at the end of the week, at more than 443 U.S. dollars in the context of most of the other stocks are reduced.

Galaxy S IV is not a bad product but user’s world waiting for something that can make a real push. We believe that the S IV will sell well and affect the sales of the iPhone, analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies said. However, he added, it is not a revolutionary device. Merely statements as it are enough to push Apple stock up.

In fact, the battle between Apple and Samsung is likely to step into the most intense phase. Transcendent through the power of communication along with the user’s confidence in the Galaxy S line, Samsung may not be a revolutionary product but still able to capture the market. The company aims to sell about 10 million the S IV per month, and total sales are expected to own this product is 100 million units sold.

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