Appropriate Use of Red Berry Lipstick for Warm Skin Tones


The smile she is the main attraction every man in the world. Therefore, most women in the world to beautify lips lipstick make use of the more familiar with the lipstick.

The selection of lipstick colors are usually tailored to the shape of the lips, makeup, as well as events. Later berry red lipstick is booming at every level of society. Sharp color makes lips look more sensual.

Red Berry Lipstick Colors for Warm Skin Tones

In use, the red berry lipstick should be tailored to the needs. Do not until you look weird with makeup that is not right for the appearance. Here are a few steps using a red berry lipstick

Red Berry Lipstick colors for skin tone
Red Berry Lipstick colors for skin tone

1. Choose The Right Color Red Berry Lipstick

You must be good at choosing the right red lip shape, makeup, and clothes. Keep in choosing colors, indoor lighting or light sorting enough.

  • ¬†Skin color is perfect receipts olive colored lipstick cherry red, dark red brown, deep brown and red.
  • Orange red color suitable for brown-skinned people.
  • Proper use of skin color pale bluish red color.
  • Dark skin color using red wine.
  • Gorgeous fuchsia red color is used in the daytime.

2. Clean and Moisturize Lips

Before applying lipstick, lip should first be cleaned with a tissue or cotton with a little water. Do not forget to dry the lips afterwards. Leave a little moisture on the lips by first applying a lip balm or lip moisturizer, and wait until absorbed.

3. Use Lip Pencil Liner or lip

Lip pencil used should match the red color you choose or can use a hot color. Keep the lips do not vibrate, so that perfect line results. If an error occurs, avoid remove it with your fingers. Use make-up remover that is placed on cotton bud and wipe gently.

4. Apply Lipstick

Apply lipstick along the lip line already be formed. Apply slowly and adjust to your liking.

5. Contrast Lips and Skin

To make it more red use a lipstick brush and roll. To make the contrast with the lip color, apply foundation around the lips. Because the color will appear brighter.

6. Add Lip Gloss

Apply a little lip gloss avoiding the lip line as it can remove it. But first use a tissue clamped between her lips and let it stick for a while.

7. Look In The Mirror

The last stage is a mirror and check your teeth for lipstick on the teeth sometimes. To add a complementary eye shadow and blush with matching color of your lips.

Some of the steps above can be applied in a variety of events. Know in advance the type and color of your lips. The important thing is to believe in yourself and never be.

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