How To Make An Artificial Christmas Tree Look Natural


Artificial Christmas tree is the element that foster the spirit of celebration and decoration of any home is as pleasant as finding gifts Christmas morning. An artificial Christmas tree may not like the natural smell but can look like one. Wondering how? With some tricks which I will share in the following lines!

Artificial Christmas Tree For Christmas

Artificial Christmas Tree For Christmas

Artificial Natural Accents

The first step you should do when you want your artificial Christmas tree to look like natural one is to choose a model with short needles since those seem natural.

There are two major problems when it comes to the appearance of an artificial Christmas tree. First, many people do not make an effort to give a natural looking branches. This means that when you remove the tree from where you testimony,”ciufulesti” branches and those, so you do not look stiff. Then, the branches should be at the top, for a more natural look.

Second, few people take into account the fact that an artificial Christmas tree decorated be different than the natural one, which generally looks good and if you put globes and lights at random. In our artificial need to be a little more attention to detail.

The most effective camouflage of an artificial Christmas tree is by working with layers and use a fairly large number of ornaments.

Here Are Some Ideas In This Regard:

1. Choose some principal ornaments, which use them in larger numbers than others. It can be about your favorite globes or about some ornaments made just for you, as long as they have the same model and same color.

2. Although in the case of the natural tree often apply the principle of “less is more”, the same can not be said about artificial Christmas tree. You need enough ornaments to attract attention and not let to see when the tree is artificial. Play with different color schemes globes made of ‘primary’.

3. Use ornaments “secondary”, meaning some may tiny, which put them among the largest, thereby filling empty spaces and covering visual strain artificial Christmas tree, it gives away the fastest.

4. Regarding artificial tree trunk, here’s another solution to hide the eye: tinsel wrapped around him. You can choose one green for a more natural look, but silver does not hurt either, as long as it stands out strain.

5. The lights are very important in decorating the Christmas tree artificial and can make him look splendid as long as you use enough.

How To Make An Artificial Christmas Tree Look Natural

6. Do not leave the tips of the branches bare, as it will be more obvious that the tree is not natural. Instead, it uses bulky bows and ornaments. For a more natural look, you can use pine cones.

7. Gingerbread is a traditional version of Christmas ornaments and an artificial tree can transform you into a visual delight. Beware, though, if you choose to decorate with such goodies packed in plastic packaging gingerbread, Christmas tree branches because it not full of crumbs. Otherwise, after you deposit the tree, you risk becoming an “attraction” for insects.Tine mind that as long as the use of ornaments post as sweet biscuits, candy or cookies, your fir tree will look more natural.

8. One of the most useful tricks to make it look natural an artificial Christmas tree is to use a volatile oil flavored fir or pine for your tree house was filled with the odor holidays.

9. Do you know how to make your fir tree to look “fluffy”? Use the post of ornamental feathers. Mercer finds in different colors, and the visual effect is spectacular.

10. Buy dried flowers and sprinkle them with a tree. This gives it a bohemian look and natural and cost little, so you only advantage.

Artificial Christmas tree has its advantages, just like the natural one. Importantly award to be a pleasure for you, do not torment and the result will make you smile every time you admire the artificial Christmas tree.

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