Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles At Night Fashion Party


Ashlee Simpson braided hairstyles On the occasion of a party organized by the Garnier brand in New York Thursday night, Ashlee Simpson was prim and perfectly coiffed chignon bun with a braided well. Accustomed VIP parties, Ashlee Simpson was in New York Thursday night for an evening organized by the Garnier Fructis range. There were two options for the young Texan singer 28 years come with hair down to get hair out of place and dressed like a star, or arrival smart and perfectly coiffed to just enjoy the evening. This second alternative Ashlee Simpson has chosen, landing on the red carpet prim in a working girl holding small trousers 7/8 Scottish and black sweater and a chignon bun perched high and well woven.

Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles
Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles with make in chignon bun in New York Thursday night

In recent months, Ashlee Simpson seems to take pleasure in multiplying the real hairstyles girl with lots of braids, knots, barrettes and other headbands. I must say that the blonde has sported a short haircut for two years after adopting a boyish cut in October 2010. Back long hair as it sounds for renewed femininity she also complete a make up look both seductive and sophisticated. Her eyes and eyebrows subtly disguised in black gives full intensity to her gaze on her lips, Ashlee Simpson covers just a matte lipstick.

Find out where the beauty shopper Ashlee Simpson looks without breaking the bank.

Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles, chignon bun

Ashlee Simpson was the opening night of New York Fashion Week on Thursday, February 7 & The opportunity for us to see that the little sister of Jessica Simpson works more her style and because it came with the famous hairstyle trend the “bun” and not just any, a braided bun. You know, since this is the famous bun placed high on the skull and the flower we saw all the stars these days. With the pretty blonde had opted for a slightly smoky and lips carmine.

Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles, chignon bun

Side make up: It applies eye shadow palette Topshop € 21, the darkest to the lightest, and a touch of mascara Body Shop for 12 €. It ends with a bit of blush to € 17.90 and a as well as a layer of lipstick A to € 16.90.

Hairstyle side: It makes a very high ponytail that is tied with thin elastic. We then braid hair which is wound to form a knot and which is fixed with the webs.

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