Urban Decay Shares Stylish Makeover Makeup Unretouched Photos And It Feels Good!

By browsing millions of makeup snapshots on Instagram, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s real. Urban Decay shares beauty photos unretouched, subscribers rejoice. In line with the moving body positive, more and more cosmetic brands give up photo retouching.

On Instagram, the makeup photos perfectly made impress us: smooth skin and glowy wish, eyebrows impeccable … But sometimes the clichés are a little away from reality. Thanks to applications like FaceTune and Photoshop, erasing pores, fine lines and pimples have almost become customary.

In recent weeks, the brand Urban Decay has chosen to celebrate the “real” skin and its efforts have not gone unnoticed by its 9.8 million subscribers.

Urban Decay publishes untouched makeup photos

Urban Decay highlights the work of professional makeup artists who have not edited their photos to perfection, revealing pores, fine lines, freckles, and moles.

Known for her daring makeup, make-up artist Meg, aka @glowawaymeg, was one of the first to feature on the Instagram account of the cosmetics brand. Her eye makeup done with the Born To Run palette shows that the appearance of her skin has not been retouched.

Urban Decay enthusiasts have widely praised this initiative in the comments: “I love seeing real skin, not photoshopped to the extreme,” “It’s refreshing!” And a good reminder of what the skin looks like. She looks healthy and real! ”

Linda Hallberg, makeup artist and founder of the eponymous brand, also appeared on the account of Urban Decay with a make-up that enhances her freckles without camouflaging them.

Urban Decay Celebrates True Beauty

Through social networks, people aspire to more realism and more accessible beauty. And brands are more attentive to this need for diversity and inclusivity. Like Urban Decay, some are moving away from unattainable standards of beauty. This is the case of Asos and Missguided who have chosen not to retouch the stretch marks of their models.

Fenty Beauty, Glossier. .. More and more brands are making things happen and Urban Decay is taking the same path.

The brand celebrates skin without retouching, freckles, fine lines, small pimples, pores apparently because they are not imperfections. This is what the skin really looks like!

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