Every time on the eve of summer, everyone tries to get their body in shape so that they don’t hesitate to put on their favorite little swimsuit. Some people succeed – some don’t, but today we want to introduce you to five beautiful girls who are ready for the beach season all year round.

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin was born on February 15, 1986, in Maracay, Venezuela. Now Michelle Lewin, along with her hubby, bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin, live in Miami, despite the fact that her sports career is over, her fashionability is only growing, which is worth only nearly 15 million subscribers on her Instagram. She’s still shooting for fitness magazines, and every day she becomes more and more popular.

Michelle Lewin Athletic Beauties Body Shape in Swimsuit

Indeed in nonage, Michelle’s parents disassociated, and only their mama began to give to their family. thus, she lived in poverty and constantly demanded plutocrats.

As a teenager, Michelle got a job as a nanny in a clinic. At that time, her weight was about 40 kg. latterly, Lewin began working as a model, but soon gained nearly 25 kg, which is why she began to detest her body. After that, she laboriously began to work out in the spa and snappily lost weight, also, bringing her body into excellent sports shape.

Amanda Lee

Meet Canadian fitness model and Pilates trainer, Amanda Elise Lee. As a teenager, the girl considered herself too thin and therefore began to work on her figure.

Amanda Lee Canadian Fitness Model and Pilates Trainer

As a result, she managed to achieve impressive forms, thanks to which more than 11.5 million people subscribed to her Instagram page. Now, thanks to her hobby, the girl earns a lot of money.

Amanda Lee Canadian Fitness Girl

A simple ad post on her page costs $5,000, while non-intrusive ads start at $25,000. Over the past year, Amanda has earned $ 2 million from her page.

Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is an American athlete, model, and social media sensation. She has won several bodybuilding and fitness competitions and has amassed a huge following online.

Sommer Ray American Athlete, Model Bodybuilding and Fitness Gym

Sommer began her fitness journey at the age of 15 when her family moved to Lawn Tree, Colorado. Her father mentored her in everything related to fitness, bodybuilding, and training.

She started with weightlifting in the gym, which was equipped in the basement of her house.

Anna Nystrom

Born in Stockholm in 1992, the future Swedish top model was a sickly girl. However, from an early age, Anna discovered the ability to be creative.

Anna Nystrom Swedish Model

Such abilities could not but please her parents. Young Anna was fond of painting, and photography and even sewed her own clothes.

Anna Nystrom Swedish Top Model In Her Own Clothes

Having challenged her health problems, Anna became actively involved in sports. This allowed her to overcome her painful ailments.

Subsequently, such a sporting experience was useful for the model to create her unique image in the fashion world.

Paige Hathaway

A new star of social networks, fitness model Paige Hathaway, whose Instagram now has over four million followers, has relatively recently made herself known in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

Fitness Model Paige Hathaway

It’s hard to believe, however, that just a few years ago, this current fitness model was a completely nondescript, thin, and completely unathletic girl.

For Paige, sports and a healthy lifestyle were never a priority, but one day, being dissatisfied with her appearance, she decided to start working on herself and achieved incredible success in the first months of hard training.

She has long called herself a “female fitness advocate”, and decided to devote her whole life to this activity.

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