2021 Autumn Winter Makeup – You Can Wear in Spring Summer Trends


Autumn winter makeup trends for the impatient; the makeup fall-winter 2021 has already pointed the tip of her nose on the Fashion Week catwalk parades.

Shelookbook.com spotted them for you and an update on the formidable trends not to be missed!

Among the must, a natural skin tone to delight fans of the nude, a severe mouth and eye side is fun to make up the lower part and dare the dark with the neo-Gothic trend.

Autumn Winter Makeup Trends

2021 Autumn Winter Makeup Trends

The parades Fashion Week are the essential places to discover and decipher what will be in vogue makeup side next season.

In addition to the key graphics liner traits, headlights eyelids iridescent, metallic and copper, or even enhanced blush cheekbones for a healthy glow, strong trends emerge.

And indeed, what the make-up of the key autumn winter makeup trends 2021 to:

  • – The complexion?
  • – Eyes?
  • – The mouth?

The makeup of the complexion in the autumn-winter makeup trends 2021:

The Complexion Always Nude

Perfectly unified and boilerplate, complexion nude effect has the advantage of adopting a zero-defect, no less.

With it, we leave the map of minimalism, as for several seasons now, let speak for mouth and eyes.

The Dewy Complexion

Dewy Complexion Makeup Trend Fall-Winter

The objective of dewy?

Bring a touch of light and pleasure, for a natural gloss effect that stands out.

Everything is to play with a monochrome palette in shades of beige, adding a drop of light oil.

Thus, the complexion is bright, healthy, illuminated in winter!

The Complexion Glowy Effect

Complexion Makeup Trend Fall-Winter

Very fresh, sunny and sparkling, especially when enhanced with a touch of pink blush, the glowy complexion has the merit to moisturize the skin.

This pure make-up was spotted in the parade Honor. Guaranteed healthy-looking!

The makeup of the mouth in the autumn-winter makeup trends 2020-21

The Gaiety Of Red Orange Coral Lips

Freshness amid shades of brown! The audacity of the orange coral appears on the lips with pep.

One can spot this trend flashy on the podium Kaelen.

The power of red lipstick carmine

Red Lipstick Carmine Makeup Trend Fall-Winter

Sensual and strong, carmine red lipstick, as was seen during the Red Dress Lhuillier shows and evokes femininity in all its glory.

For this autumn-winter season 2021, the lips are colored and matte.

The Strength Of Color Lipstick Burgundy

With such a tone, the overall makeup immediately takes the air of dramatic plays. Whether plum or eggplant, the mouth is dark and elegant, such as represented Philip Lim.

The Intensity Of Black Lipstick

The wife of the fall-winter 2021 will highlight his dark side of the lip. Black will seize bolder mouth.

Eye makeup in the autumn-winter makeup trends 2021:

The Inverted Liner

If the complexion is more discreet, the presence of eye spreading.
It is the strong tendency to expand, highlight the eyes and bring the character to the whole.
The side asymmetric this trend is very pronounced in Parkchoonmoo and Victoria Beckham.

The Attractive Doe Eyes

The wife of the fall-winter 2019 slips into the skin of a seductress of the 50s, the image of Audrey Hepburn.
Call it doe eyes, cat or almond-like at Diane Von Furstenberg, this eye a bit retro comeback.

The Metallic Smoky

Smoky Metal Makeup Trend Fall-Winter

Eyelashes give way to the lid. The look of intense reflections dresses for a depth effect. Several shadows that reflect them on the eyelids.

Inspired metal-rock, metal smoky sometimes goes down to the shades of other and copper. Whatever its major color, it always brings an intense smoky eye.

An Eyebrow Of Contrasts

Electrical very subtle, the eyebrow is graphical, like outfits in the parade Ohne Titel.
It attaches with a gel, Hairdo, and mind-blowing, to bring the presence and strength of character in the face.

The Black Is Black

Smoky Eyes Makeup Trend Fall-Winter

The woman remains in the shadows with the neo-Gothic trend of autumn-winter 2018. The smoky wants ultra dark and black…

For what trend will you finally choose?

Photos Source © Imaxtree

You Can Wear These Makeup Trends Perfectly with Your Prom!

It’s not yet a graduation season, you can still think about the right make-up for your big evening! We provide you with enough inspiration now!

You love makeup and want to really dress up at your prom? Or are you more the classic type? Either way – the three top trends this year cover all your wishes!

The three biggest makeup trends of the year – ideal for your prom

  1. Fancy Eyeshadow

Purple, pink, blue, pink or green – this year your eyes can shine in all colors of the rainbow!

  1. Glitter as an Accent

Glitter shouldn’t be missing this year either. In the all-over look, glitter looks cool on the eyes – but it looks really stylish if it is only used as an accent!

  1. Berry Lipsticks

Of course, red never goes out of style as a lipstick color. But the classic still gets competition this year! Lipsticks in berry tones, as seen with Lucy Hale , are simply eye-catchers!

Which Prom Dress Suits Me? Take The Test!

A prom is an important event – after all, you have been waiting for years to finally have your high school diploma in your pocket and look forward to the day for a long time!

In addition to the right make-up and a fine hairstyle, the outfit is of course an important point. If you have no idea which look you prefer at the prom, you can do a suitable test here.

Lucy Hales

Lucy Hales Dark Hair And Berry-Colored Lipstick
Lucy Hales dark hair goes perfectly with the berry-colored lipstick! © Getty Images

Lucy Boynton

Lucy Boynton Short Haircut and Eye Makeup
This look by Lucy Boynton is only for the brave – but definitely attracts everyones attention! © Getty Images

Ashley Bensons

Ashley Bensons Bob Haircuts And Party Makeup
Do you want to emphasize your naturalness? Then you should remember Ashley Bensons Look. © Getty Images


Zendaya Pink Eyeshadow And Lemonade Braids
Courage to color! Zendaya shows us how cool pink eyeshadow can look. © Getty Images

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