Avoid Mistakes In Wedding Party


At the day of the wedding was approaching the moment that should have been happy too often turn out to be stressful. Because each case would have to be prepared perfectly in accordance with the wishes and can run smoothly.

Avoid Mistakes In Wedding Party

However, sometimes there are just little things that happen so that makes things a bit chaotic and messy. As quoted from Getwed, check out some of the following mistakes that are often made by the couple on their happy day.

Forget Doing Last Dress Fitting

Doing fitting wedding dress is very important for the final time. Things seem trivial is often forgotten by the bride which can cause new problems on the day of the wedding, such as a dress that does not fit the size of the body. For that, do the fitting gown before the big day and take a pin to avoid bustier is too loose or too tight.

Do Not Try to Make up Tests

You certainly do not want to look too much just because of the makeup artist and hair stylist not to your liking. To avoid it you should do a test makeup and hair before the day of H. Although requiring more money it is better than you have to look like wearing a mask on your happy day.

Forget Paying Interest and Catering Vendors

Because a lot of things to be taken care of before and during the wedding the bride often accidentally forgot to pay for the services of vendors catering, flowers, or leasing a used car.

Usually the wedding service providers have warned about the payment but busy during the preparatory process and the day of the wedding the bride is often made to forget. Do not let your happy day tripping problems resulting from food vendor or florist who did not come because they have not paid.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Not a few too many brides who drink alcohol before or during the reception. The bride considers that by drinking wine, and then they can become calmer and not nervous. But it would be a bad thing if the wedding photos that look just a drunken spouse shaking guests invited to a red face from too much drinking.

No Checking Play list

Music is one of the important things complement a party not to mention marriage. Perhaps you think that double checked the song is not so important but do not get a happy day that should be playing a romantic song turned out to be a broken heart song. For that, check back play list of songs before the wedding starts.

Did Not Try The Food

When choosing a caterer that will be used at the wedding make sure you’ve tried the taste of food that will be served in accordance with the wishes or not before pay for their services. Dishes that are too ripe or foods that are cold will make the party turn into chaos because of complaints from the guests invited.

Not Rehearsed

We recommend that you do the wedding rehearsal before the big day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Give a time limit for each of the performers so that nothing is overlooked as invited guests who wait too long because it is too long a word of welcome from the family.

Avoid the above mistakes so happy event solo runs smoothly and be unforgettable wonderful moments.

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