How To Lose Weight With Bach Flowers? Self Confidence + Valuable Role


Listed by Dr. Bach, Bach Flowers are flowers of wild plants caring emotions. Stress, guilt, anxiety … But what can we expect of bach flowers to lose weight and how to use them? every emotion his Bach Flower. Some flowers can play a valuable role in supporting the person on a diet. Answers.

As part of a plan, all is not only a question of motivation.

Bach Flower precisely to better manage these negative emotions. They can play a crucial role in weight loss.

The role of Bach Flowers in weight loss

Above all, a caveat: unlike a balanced diet or negative calorie foods such as Bach Flowers do not act directly on losing weight.

Bach Flower managing emotions related to weight.

With Bach Flowers, we manage the discomfort of feeling, guilt, stress, fatigue, shame, sadness, anger … All these emotions that are the cause of overweight or overweight and feeling that hinder the proper execution of a plan.

What Bach flowers to accompany a diet?

To better manage the emotions that accompany a diet, more flowers are recommended:

Crab Apple: the flower of self-disgust, feeling of uncleanness
This flower helps to have a better self-esteem, to accept its imperfections, to be more tolerant with yourself.

Pine Flower Guilt

This flower helps to put aside feelings of guilt while dieting when we swerved example.

  • Walnut: the flower of change

This flower helps to better manage change anytime, be it a lifestyle change, a hormonal change, or, in the case of a plan, a change in diet, weight, rhythm.

  • Cherry Plum: the flower of self-control

As part of a plan, this flower helps to overcome, not to succumb to stress and impulses and not crack.

We can also count on Gorse, the flower of courage that can give strength to achieve its objective, even in the inevitable moments of depression that lead to snacking.

Impatiens flower impatience allows accepting that losing weight takes time.

The flower fatigue, Olive, could also be valuable: fatigue often brings the irresistible urge to eat fatty and sweet. Difficult to properly conduct a system during a big period of fatigue.

How to use Bach Flowers to lose weight?

Before resorting to Bach Flowers to lose weight, we must identify the causes of his overweight (stress, self-esteem, emotional deprivation …), feelings that one feels with regard to its weight (disgust, shame, guilt …) and the state of mind in which one is when we take the decision.

In general, it is up to 7 Bach Flower maximum in a mixture, the idea being to stick to 3 flowers, for targeted action. A flower was diluted with water and the bottle usually lasts three weeks at 3 to 6 outlets 4 drops per day.

It can be difficult to make this state the only places because of we rarely enough perspective on yourself.

In addition to the advice of a pharmacist, it is recommended, especially for people who want to lose much weight, to use a licensed counselor Bach Flowers.

These advisors realize an interview with the person to identify their emotions and to better tailor the content of the bottle.

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