How to Relieve Back Pain with Yoga Posture in Everyday Life

How to relieve back pain with Yoga?

When the cause of back pain is a muscle imbalance, lack of balance or too much stress, the practice of yoga postures provides real relief. It should, at first, to be advised by a teacher trained on this subject.

The spine, a vertical axis if the musculature allows

back pain with Yoga

Outside of unknown origin scoliosis or related to a length discrepancy of lower limbs, the shape of the spine is an excellent benchmark for the condition of balance / imbalance of muscle tension around. The vertical axis of your column may be compared to a mast, the shrouds around the muscles.

If there is no balance between the pull of all the guys, if they are too tight, the mast is more fragile, it breaks with the first gust of wind. A yoga sequence built to relieve stiffness of the muscles involved in maintaining your column must involve the front, back and body sides. The pelvis and shoulders should also be relieved of their stiffness. The work on these muscles to lengthen must be qualitative: by breathing deeply, listening to your body.

The aplomb your pace, your posture in everyday life

Most of the time we run from one activity to another, we are caught by the first emotion or thought that comes. We do not take the time to stop and refocus, to return to what we feel here and now through the maintenance of our body especially. What is happening outside of us captures our attention, inside us is a desert.

Our look exactly reflects the way we live, we live in our bodies. Our emotions and our thoughts are imprinted in our bodies. By bringing your attention to your posture and your breathing a few minutes a day, you will gradually move from a slouched posture bad for your back, to an upright posture, conducive to the functioning of your body. The old adage: “Having our feet on the ground and head on your shoulders” makes sense.

How to Fight Back Pain with Yoga?

Stress increases the tension of the back muscles

Back Pain with Yoga increases the tension of the back muscles

When you are faced with situations continuously making you react, your nervous system eventually run out. Tone our muscles, ie their state of relaxation to rest varies depending on the stress experienced daily. Some people are so stressed out the day that their neck or abdomen remains tense in the evening at bedtime. The muscles around the back are very sensitive to your psychological state. In times of big moral fatigue or repeated stress, they harden to form contractures or as we say nodes in the back. The techniques in yoga practice, oriented towards relaxation of the body, can be used to improve the state releasing the body.

And you, what do you do when you have a bad back?

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