Balayage Brown vs Balayage Blond – The Great Hair Color Question


A natural Sunkissed effect Hairstylists achieve with Balayage highlights with brown and blond hair. And the big hair color question is: Balayage brown vs Balayage blond – Which hair color is best for whom?

For a naturally radiant skin and a summery touch to the face, fine, bright highlights. Through the playful use of light and dark brown and blond hair hairs, facial parts are emphasized, optically brightened and radiated. Other not so advantageous facial contours can, however, be skillfully laminated in this way. Unlike Ombrè, a soft, flowing course is created here.


10. Balayage Brown vs Blond – Highlights by Freichandtechnik

Depending on the hair structure, Balayage highlights with brown and blond hair can be achieved with a hand brush using a brush or with a Kam. In the painting single strands are painted in a light shade. For shorter hair, the balayage technique may be more appropriate with a comb.

The appropriate method is chosen by the hairdresser. The aim is a soft and natural hair coloring, which is adapted individually to the type and is particularly rich in nuances. Depending on the personal wishes and the skin tone and the color of the eye, bright, powerful or soft tones can be conjured into the hair.


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