Ballerina Nails – 40 amazing Nail Design / Shape Ideas for Every Occasion


Ballerina Nails became popular at the beginning of the 90s due to their exclusive appeal. They have never gone out of style ever since. Ballerina nails remind, as the name suggests, of the pointe shoes of ballet dancers.

That automatically makes them even more attractive and elegant. No wonder many young celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Rihanna are choosing this style.

The nail shape in this style is by default quite long and ends with a blunt tip. This makes the fingers look longer visually. Unlike the claw-like, pointed stiletto shape, ballerina nail are pretty sturdy and functional.

Ballerina nails polish corresponds to the skin color and makes the fingers look long and fine

Ballerina nails - Ballerina Matte Beige Nails Long Finder Optics

Ballerina Ombre French Nails With Gold Glitter And Stones

Black And Gold Leaf – A Classic Combination

Ballerina nails - Ballerina Accent Nails Black And Gold

Pop Art Ballerina Nails Ideas For Fun Occasions With Friends

Kylie Jenner Ballerina Nails Style Pink With Cartoon Characters

The Popular Jelly Acrylic Nails By Kylie Jenner

Ballerina summer nails by Kylie Jenner

How To Achieve The Shape Of The Ballerina Nails From Home

Ballerina nails not only look very chic, they are also extremely easy to file even from home. You only need a good nail file. To get stylish ballerina nail, you must first achieve the right length.

Undeniably, the manicure looks best long, but can also be made a little shorter. If your nails are not very sturdy and can not grow enough, then opt for acrylic nails.

To make the shape of the ballerina’s nails, first file the sides of the nails straight. Then file the edges to the center and form a sharp triangle.

Finally, file the sharp point flat. Only after completing the molding process can you begin to experiment with colors and designs.

Ballerina Nails Work Very Easily And Do Not Require Too Specific Knowledge

Ballerina Silver Nails With Accent Nails In Pink With Stones

The Ballerina Nails Experiment With Glitter, Dull Nail Polish And Stones

Ballerina Matte Black Nails And Accent Nails Mirror Effect In Dark Green Glitter

Ballerina Nails Add Metallic 3d Shapes And Make Basic Colors More Interesting

Ballerina Nails in Green And Gold Nails Ideas, Opal Optics Colorful And Geometrics With Stones

Ballerina Green And Gold Nails Ideas +
Opal Optics Colorful And Geometrics With Stones

Choose Colors And Designs Of Your Ballerina Nails For Every Occasion

Ballerina nail is extremely versatile and can be combined with any nail design or outfit for any occasion. ballerina nails give you plenty of free space to experiment. In addition, they are robust enough to withstand even larger 3D elements such as flowers and crystals.

Such Long Yet Robust Nails Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Ballerina Nails in Purple And Gold Stones And Glitter

For example, in recent years ballerina nail in feminine French style or ombre have become a favorite choice for brides looking for a chic nail look for their special day.

The French Style Remains An Undisputed Tradition In Wedding Matters

Ballerina French Nails Geometric For winter

Ballerina Nails – Blue And Orange Are Complementary Colors And An Ideal Combination For The Summer Manicure

Ballerina Orange And Blue Ombre Nails With Stones And Lines
Ballerina Nails - Ombre Silver And Gray

If you can not decide between two colors, Ombre can help you quickly

Ballerina Nails - Ombre Purple And Red Fiery And Fantastic + Rainbow Nails Ombre

Choose subtle colors like beige and soft pink for an everyday elegant and formal look. If you feel particularly creative, you can make the classic colors even more interesting with special adhesive strips and glitter accents.

Transparent Negative Space Nails styles are becoming increasingly popular and are also very easy to reach. First mark the places you want to have transparent with adhesive strips. Paint over it, let the paint dry a bit and finally peel off the strips.

Negative Space Nails are very minimalistic and natural

Ballerina Negative Space Nails Geometric Black
Ballerina Lace Nails With Point Negative Space

Ballerina Lace Nails

Ballerina Nails For Brave Ladies In Search Of Variety

Neutral black, gray or white ballerina nail are an excellent choice for ladies who prefer a bold and impressive charm. They are most easily combined with other colors, accessories and metallic details (gold, silver, copper).

Experiment with individual accent nails instead of styling them all the same. Normally, the middle finger is chosen as the accent nail because of its central position.

Accent Nails Make Your Manicure Exciting And Eye-Catching

Ballerina Nails In Silver And Black Geometric

Marble Nails Look Very Complicated, But Are Really Easy To Imitate With A Marker And Alcohol

Ballerina Nails - Ballerina Marble Effect on White Nails
Ballerina Nails-Ballerina Accent Nails Red Roses on White

Accent Nails With Glitter Are Ideal For Festive Occasions

Ballerina Nails Ideas for Any Occasion White and Rose Gold Accents Glitter

If you are looking for something very unique and dramatic, something that will make you stand out from the crowd and make you feel a little bit special, then you should opt for saturated colors like red or blue.

Red is eye-catching and passionate – perfect for a girls evening or a special date where you have to leave the best impression.

Red And Gold Betray Your Penchant For Extravagant

Ballerina Nails

Burgundy Looks Best With A Matte Finish

Ballerina Nails- Ballerina Matt Nail Polish Geometric Shapes

Blue is the cold contrast – fresh and modern with a view to the cold winter. Choose between a shiny finish for a classic luxurious look and a matte finish for a modern and cool flair.

Combine accessories and garments with matching make-up (paying particular attention to the corresponding lipstick) to complete the look.

Any Geometric Shapes

Ballerina Blue Dull Nails With Geomeitrschen Fomen And Accent Nails
Ballerina Nails
Ballerina Nails- Ballerina Mirror Nails in Silver Many Rings

Chic and easy to style – ballerina nails are just one of the trendiest styles of the year. Stick to the safe classics or experiment wildly with colors, accents, and shapes. Express your character through your manicure and leave the best possible first impression.

Geode Ballerina Nails Storm The Beauty Community

Ballerina geometric nails designs pink color

Mirrored Chrome Nails In Purple

Ballerina nails ideas for any occasion mirror nails mirrored purple nails metallic look
Ballerina Nails

Turquoise Is A Joyful Color That Gives A Lot Of Joy And Good Mood

Ballerina nails in geometric shapes in turquoise and black
Ballerina Nails - Ballerina mirrored nails metallic effect turquoise

Combine Your Manicure With The Appropriate Accessories

Ballerina Nails - Ballerina Golden Mirror Nails With Stones And Accessories

Cute Spring Nails For Easter

Ballerina Nails - Ballerina nails very light beige with gold accents
Ballerina Nails

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