How To Be Beautiful The Day After Your Wedding? Hairstyles, Bridal Makeup


Farewell sublime wedding hairstyle, bye bye elegant bridal makeup: hello dark circles and dullness. Do not panic; find out how to make up an evening of the day here.

You made the track and turned the towels until dawn. So, of course, the next day … it’s not pretty.

Petit fours as if it rained, a field of cutting too (hips) and your complexion is gray mine.

How To Be Beautiful The Day After Your Wedding, Wedding Hairstyle, Bridal Makeup

WORST: she sucks. “No, not too head to be shining today, sorry.”

Having a beautiful flawless skin a day of celebration … not easy but then, have a fresh and rested the day after the biggest night of your life: good luck.

Finally, that’s what you imagined before you read this article … As you’ll see, with treatments tailored to your skin type and bridal makeup adequate: its easy money!

Have beautiful skin: long lives the brightness boost care

When you wake up and before you throw out the first Tylenol © lying around: drink a glass of water with the equivalent of a lemon juice.

Did you know?

The lemon benefits are really numerous:

It cleanses the liver, detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system and … made a beautiful skin. As stated so well a famous brand of yogurts “it feels good inside, and it shows on the outside.”

Step 2, after a kiss to your brand new husband: you do a brilliant mask. One of those that wake up the complexion, plump the skin and decongest the eyes still asleep.

Our tip? The chill the day to maximize its effects. Once rinsed it with warm water, you can complete your “session hydration” by a tinted day cream “blur” or a stunt serum.

Having a radiant complexion: make-up yes, but sparingly

T light point passes imperatively by a skin hydrated, as explained above. A solid base that will allow your makeup complexion to reveal her talent.

For the latter, a single imperative: do not overdo it! It is better to bet on a lightly tinted makeup base and a little concealer illuminator in strategic locations rather than covering foundation.

This is never the ideal of frown days. She even tends to mask. Have a light hand on the mattifying powder to overdose; it reveals the imperfections of the skin, rather than hiding them: not really the desired effect.

For a healthy glow, playing on a slightly iridescent blush to be applied on top of the cheekbones, Peach or pink for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Have beautiful eyes stake everything on the brightness

Let’s be honest, after a sleepless night, your doe eyes have disappeared in favor of a look a little “floppy”. To restore their freshness, apply a few drops of blueberry: guaranteed magical effect. Your look is almost as fresh as a rose in the morning (almost!).

Makeup side, there are tips to have beautiful eyes truly effective. On your mind? Pencil applied inside the eye mask red eyes, a beige satin pencil to apply on the brow bone for a topspin or inner corners of the eyes to enlarge the eyes. Mascara eyebrows in color very subtle and discipline will provide a net effect and “finished” to your look.

How to makeup lips? The lightness is required

On the lips? Something simple, light but elegant. A colored light moisturizing balm or gloss, for example.

> Long live the newlyweds!


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